Wedding Dress “The Accolade”

White velvet decorated Guinevere's dress

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06 of November 2018

I want to dress this on my wedding, it will be avaiable?

ArmStreet Team

Hello, we are glad to inform you that dress is now available for purchase. 

17 of January 2017

Hi there Please could you show me what options you have for gold and silver thin trims (more like trim on her sleeves). Would this work on the thinner white underdress, weight wise? Also do you have a picture that shows all your dress trims please? thanks so much!

ArmStreet team

The Accolade trim goes in Gold and Silver, any of two trims can be used on the Accolade Chemise. Here is the link for all of the trims we use -

22 of September 2015

hello like to Thankyou as over again for this beautiful absolutely stunning gown the design fabric perfect I have sent you photos enjoy beautifully made


ArmStreet team

Wow, thanks! Beautiful noble lady wandering around in the woods...

01 of September 2015

Can this dress still be made?

ArmStreet team

Happy to inform that the Accolade dress is available for order again!
Enjoy your shopping!

04 of April 2015

I'm wondering, can this dress be made without the long trailing sleeves? And can this dress be made in linen instead of the velvet? How much would that cost? Thank you, Karina

ArmStreet team

Shape of the sleeves cannot be changed. This dress can only be made out of velvet fabric, sorry.

26 of February 2015

i am thinking about just wearing the dress without the chemise would that work ? its a budget thing i originally thought it was all one piece.

ArmStreet team

"The Accolade" chemise is a separate piece. It should always be worn with this dress, because of its deep neckline. It can be optionally replaced by the other chemises.

Irene Gordon
14 of January 2015

That timing sounds fine. Can I ask, is the bodice boned? I am looking at this and one other gown and will have to make my decision in the next couple of weeks.

ArmStreet team

The bodice of this dress is boneless.

Irene Gordon
13 of January 2015

I love this dress but wondered if the detailing can be done in silver?

ArmStreet team

Yes, but producing of the decorations in silver will take about 1-2 extra months. If this works for you, please email us at

James Mackenzie
01 of November 2014

Hello, Please could you let me know if this dress can be made in colours other than bridal white? I would like to use this style of dress for a photo shoot, but it is not to be used as a bridal gown. I am looking for a rustic green or red colour preferably. Thanks for your help. James (UK)

ArmStreet team

Can be made of bottle green or red embossed velvet.

Cheryl-Anne Patin
27 of September 2014

Hi! Will you ever have this dress in stock again? Or maybe have it in another colour like green, blue, or burgundy? I adore the gold trim and knotwork. It's a gorgeous representation of the dress in the painting (which I have in my living room!).

ArmStreet team

You can always order this dress in custom size. We had a couple of dresses in standard sizes, but now they are sold out. Now it can be made to order only.
Can be made of white, black, bottle green, dark blue, flocked burgundy velvet.

09 of September 2014

hello just recieved this accolade dress, it is amazing designed and perfect fit again thankyou armstreet the belt also great fit, with so many historic gowns your team makes. great choices

ArmStreet team

Thank you, we're very happy that you liked them!

12 of August 2014

Hello, This dress is beautiful! I like the style and how it is made. But, there are many of us girls that just do not like gold but silver. And also not white but dark colors. Do you plan in the future to make them in optional colors? We already ordered for you for our past wedding and we are very satisfied but there are more events still to attend... Greetings, Steel Lady

ArmStreet team

We have several options of dark velvet. Producing of the decorations in silver version will take about 1-2 extra months. If this works for you, please contact us at

C. Watroba
25 of July 2014

Can this gown be made in other color velvet, such as pale blue?

ArmStreet team

We can use natural velvet of the other colors which are presented here. Manufacturing will take a longer (we would need to find matching colored silk for lining of the sleeves), and golden decor won't look as bright as on the white background.
We have no pale blue velvet, sorry.

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