News - Eastern Armor Kit “King of the East”

June 02, 2016

Armor Kit “King of the East”

This armor kit is one of the best we've ever made: it aggregates almost all technologies and techniques our craftsmen use to create unique armor objects. It is based on prototypes from Tower of London and Kremlin Armoury collections and provides you a great balance between protection, flexibility and weight

Eastern Armour Kit “King of the East”

Making this armor we tried to show our best in terms of visual attractiveness and engineering. We also kept in mind that some people will use it for real combat so we've made two types of visors – one is historical prototype based and the other is SCA-oriented beautifully cut visor.

Asian Helmet SCA

Despite the visual simplicity all engineering solutions are well though-out and sometimes are pretty complicated: high-precision pins for cuirass joints or leather joints riveted inside pauldrons. They provide great flexibility of each and every element of this armor.

Eastern Cauldrons armor

Every tine element of this armor is designed and crafted with love and patience, so it's hard to give the full impression of the kit with pictures only. Every clasp, every strap and joint are made to match the purpose and demonstrate a nobility, a wealth and a style of armor owner.

Cuirass clasp

There are a lot of optional items which can be purchased with the basic kit like 2 different pairs of gauntlets, decorative weapon and some accessories.

Decorative stainless steel sober

Watch full collection here

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