News - Helmet Evolution 2003–2016

May 22, 2016

Anniversary post: our helmets from 2003 to 2016

Celebrate ArmStreet's birthday with us

ArmStreet celebrates its birthday from May, 22 to June, 6 — since the moment our first ebay account has been set up to the first online sale two weeks later.

So, we decided to get back to our own history and take a look at our craftsmanship progress and product line improvement since the good old times we had 13 years ago.

sugarloaf_20032003 Sugarloaf: our first try on US market

pigface_20042004 “Pigface” Knight's bascinet, 1.5 mm cold-forged steel

tophelm_2005A candle inside is the best thing about this helmet

bascinet_2006Our first attempt to make original SCA bargrill: failed

asian_lamellar_2007Eastern type helmet with lamellar aventail

bascinet_20082008: this bascinet looks like a bascinet

armet_2009One of our most technically complicated helmets

sallet_2010Sallet: make your enemies shriek with fright

bascinet_2011Long-face Italian bascinet with our signature etching

turban_2012More brass and etching

elven_helmet_2013No decorations, just smooth and clean lines

bascinet_2014SCA-oriented bascinet with replaceable visors

bascinet_2015SCA bargrill which looks good

persian_2016Something we are really proud of :-)

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