News - “Olaf the Stormbreaker” Jacket

April 20, 2016

This unique jacket is made of sturdy and natural looking canvas with inserts of embossed leather. This pattern is based on Vyborg Shirt design. We tended to make beautiful and functional piece of clothing and we hope we did it well.

Viking Leather and Canvas Jacket

This jacket or parka will come in handy anytime the weather is bad, the night is cold and you need to feel yourself protected from this coldness and water.

Viking Jacket Vyborg decorated canvas

This jacket looks very natural and authentic but it also has some unique details and accents which turn this item into a piece of art and will make it your favorite event costume probably. All borders are decorated with soft leather trimming, external seams are handmade, leather inserts are decorated with traditional Viking ornaments. This jacket is as much waterproof and wind-proof as it's possible with authentic materials.

Learn more about this Viking jacket and check other updates of "Viking" and "Shiledmaiden" collections.

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