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April 19, 2018

Greetings, stranger. Join us and listen to the new unbelievable stories by our viking fellows. You haven't met them before, have you? Here they are, Ragnvaldur the Traveller, Olegg the Mercenary and Knut the Merry. They've just conquered a new land, smashed outnumbering enemy forces, put a couple of villages on fire, built a brand new drakkar, played a prank on neighbour jarl and would gladly share those memories with you. Or even future plans, if you can earn their trust!

Viking collection updated

Remember the leather protective vest Bjorn was wearing during the first appearance of vikings at ArmStreet? Yeah, exactly, the one with simple plaiting of natural leather stripes. We've kinda evolved remarkably since then. This generation of leather body armour is very customizable and will fit the vast range of viking inspired characters of the Known World and beyond. Colour of the leather, embossing patterns or plain surface, leather laces or brass rivets, lacing or straps, vertical or horizontal orientation of leather plates, length etc. The only constants are the size of the leather plate and your brave heart underneath!

“The Evening Star” Body Armour “Ragnvaldur the Traveller” Armour

Three helm for the vikings under the sky where the Evening Star rises. Their domes have common shape but the details are everything. Weathered mild steel helmet for those who are not afraid of maintenance works, stainless helmet with perforated cheeks and better breathability all around the head for conquering warm countries and the top-notch brass decorated version with the laser-cut expressive visor to lead the way!

“Ragnvaldur the Traveller” Helmet Helmet “The Evening Star” Helmet “Olegg the Mercenary”

Three interpretations of splinted bracers each with different finishing. If you prefer the entire surface of your forearm covered with reliable thick natural leather, take note of minimalistic arm protection emphasized by weathered splints of mild steel.

Viking Splint Bracers “Ragnvaldur the Traveller”

Easy to notice what a huge difference the etched motif makes on these two pairs of otherwise identical splinted steel bracers.

Viking Bracers “The Evening Star” “Olegg the Mercenary” Viking Splinted Bracers

Let us show you the bracers in motion! Reliable assembling, high-quality materials, foreseeingly flared edges at the wrist and at the crease of the elbow to prevent any possible discomfort. Folded they take impressively little space in your armour storage or equipment carry-on.

And matching greaves, both etched and plain version.

“The Evening Star” Viking Greaves “Olegg the Mercenary” Viking Splinted Greaves

Come, sit closer to the fire. Nights are still chilly and your clothes are not as warm and as weatherproof as Knut's woolen baggy pants or Olegg's woolen tunic with unique rune embroidery or Ragnvaldur's canvas&leather vest with hood. This is strictly off the record: with all the variety of clothes they own, guys are still sharing one amazing cape with hand embroidered wolf pattern! But who are we to blame?

Viking collection updated 

The treasure to hunt for as it is approaching "sold out" stage at rapid-fire pace: limited woolen tunic, one-of-a-kind item made of soft premium quality european wool. Every tunic comes labeled with hand-embroidered rune of the Ogham-based unique alphabet we've developed in-house after the deep research of historical sources. Consider with all possible dispatch as later it will require either to fund the whole war campaign or to outbid it from initial owner.

Limited Edition Wool Viking Tunic “Olegg the Mercenary” Limited Edition Graphite Wool Viking Tunic "Ragnvaldur the Traveller"

Traditional baggy Rus style pants reincarnated in incredible and winter-proof fabric – herringbone weave wool blend. We have it now in two shades and you'd better hurry up to grab your pair!
Highly demanded slim-fit pants are especially noteworthy in two new materials. No more worries about sitting on the wet log or being trapped by medieval chewing gum on the bench in your favorite tavern – canvas pants cover your back with leather reinforcement. And the brightly dyed cotton version is stylish enough to become the part of your casual outfit.

“Olegg the Mercenary” Viking Pants “Olegg the Mercenary” Viking Pants Viking Canvas Pants “Ragnvaldur the Traveller” Cotton Viking Pants “Knut the Merry”

Perfect set for windy weather, stormy weather is now available in a more modest version. Less leather, neutral embossed pattern; more practicalness and level-up to your stealth mode after dusk.

Canvas Viking Jacket “Ragnvaldur the Traveller” Canvas Viking Jacket with Hood “Ragnvaldur the Traveller”

Remember our small secret? Here it is – incredibly warm and cozy blanket cape with contrasting natural thread handmade embroidery. It was Oleggs turn to wear it this snowy day, what a score!

Viking Cloak with Embroidery “Olegg the Mercenary”

Accessories and shoes, there is never too much of those! A more narrow version of the well-known viking war belt, now without brass accents and with contrasting leather straps and minimalistic version of viking boots. No embossing, no fur – only comfort and high quality of materials and handwork.

“The Evening Star” Viking Belt Leather Viking Boots “Ragnvaldur the Traveller”

The fewer weapons they have within reach (which is obviously a rare case), the less damage they can deal while they are kidding around. As they do kid around every now and then, they've achieved a world-beating level in this kind of activities, believe me!

Viking collection updated

Viking collection updated

Several decorative axes have enriched the viking arsenal category at our site. Being hollow and unsharpening, their shapes still correspond to the classification of historically accurate viking axe heads.

“The Evening Star” Viking Axe Head

The same story with seax – we've made two sizes of this typical northern cold arms, both having historical prototypes. Choose the one you'd prefer to carry around in perfectly shaped leather scabbard or take both!

“Ragnvaldur the Traveller” Etched Decorative Seax with Scabbard “Ragnvaldur the Traveller” Etched Decorative Seax with Scabbard
Viking decorative seax with scabbard “Olegg the Mercenary” Viking decorative seax with scabbard “Olegg the Mercenary”

The gem of the collection update among the decorative weapons – Mjolnir, the Viking Hammer. While we are still working on its magical ability to materialize in your hand any moment, the exterior appearance is already carried to its apogee.

Viking Hammer Mjolnir by ArmStreet

There is always a chance you've found yourself in this awkward situation when arrows are hailing down from every direction or curses are raining down on your head. We've got you covered! Two variations of the round viking shield can now be ordered in plenty of colour combinations.

Painted Wood Viking Shield “Evening Star” Viking Shield with Etched Accents

So, you must have noticed already the expressive wolf pattern and more neutral knotwork ornament. They both are inspired by historical findings but are completely unique and developed in-house by our talented designers. We are very consistent in the approach to final touches: the pattern should be unified for the whole set of items and should adapt for all the materials, the range of sizes and types of items. As soon as the pattern is ready, we can

laser-cut it from stainless steel

Helmet “The Evening Star”

hand embroider it on wool

Viking Cloak with Embroidery “Olegg the Mercenary”

emboss it on leather

“The Evening Star” Viking Belt “The Evening Star” Body Armour Canvas Viking Jacket “Ragnvaldur the Traveller”

etch it into stainless steel

Viking Hammer Mjolnir by ArmStreet “The Evening Star” Viking Axe Head Viking Bracers “The Evening Star” Viking decorative seax with scabbard “Olegg the Mercenary” Decorative weapon “Ragnvaldur the Traveller” Fantasy Viking Axe Head

or into brass

Viking decorative seax with scabbard “Olegg the Mercenary”

The completely new technology for dealing with mild steel for us – weathering. You don't need to receive hundreds of blows, punches and strokes to get your armour in a proper "experienced warrior" condition – we've done that for you!

“Ragnvaldur the Traveller” Helmet Viking Splint Bracers “Ragnvaldur the Traveller”

Well protected with all those shining (and not so shining) armour from enemies, with warm and cozy clothes from bad weather and with frightening appearance weapons from their own frumpish comrades, they lived happily ever after. Oh, wait... They sought for new adventures fervently ever after! It's a pleasure indeed to spend time and share stories with such a companion as you, my friend, but there are still some lands waiting to be conquered! Fare thee well.

Viking collection updated

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