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Viking Helmet “Old Gods”

Inspired by the Vendel Period

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David Burleigh
15 of February 2023

Helmet looks great. Only real issues are visor touches my nose when wearing. Will need to modify chin strap to try to gain required space for SCA heavy combat. Also, chain in front is too short to protect throat from thrusts. Will require longer Camail or gorget.

13 of January 2021

Mine just arrived in the mail. I haven't used it for any contact sparring, but it feels like it could shrug off a round from a tank. The blackened steel option turned out absolutely gorgeous and even though I was a bit worried about my measuring skills, it is a perfect fit. I'll definitely be a return customer if I need any similar stuff in the future.

Michael Mullane
03 of January 2020

To ALL at Armstreet! I have received my Helmet and it's as if it's been made in the forges of the Dwarves, Brokk and Eitri! The Gods of Asgard would be jealous of this Helm! Seriously, I have never seen such quality and workmanship such as this. Your pictures are fantastic but they do not show the true majesty of this piece! Your customer service has been the best I have ever experienced, the item itself will outshine even Frey's boar Gullinbursti... this is truly the greatest item that I have ever bought. Thanks to all of you for your fantastic work. Words could not describe how awesome this is, I shall be going to the York Viking festival with this on and my other Armour and it will by far be the best there! I will send you some pictures when I am all suited up! All the best, Happy New Year. Keep the fantastic work!!

23 of February 2019

I have been using this helmet for almost a year now. I always get compliments on how beautiful it is and it has done an excellent job of protecting my head during SCA and EMP combat.

ArmStreet Team

Thank you for your feedback, Loran! :) 

If this is a general question we may post it on the page to help other customers, otherwise we will just answer you by email

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Addison P
30 of April 2021

What is the width of the eye slots, and could they be modified if needed?

ArmStreet team

The eye slots are customized each time according to the head measurements, but we can surely make them in a required size. 

William Sheppard
21 of March 2021

Is there a 12ga option?

ArmStreet Team

Sure, we can make it in 12 ga steel for you. Please simply leave this request in the comment section to your order.