Viking Helmet “Ragnvaldur”

Early Middle Ages Viking helmet

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Nicholas Workman
04 of September 2019

If I'm using this for SCA combat, is padding already taken into account when I give my measurements.

ArmStreet Team

Hi Nicholas, yes the padding is included by default. 

24 of October 2018

I love this helmat, I was wondering about this piece because I know this helmet is SCA legal but for another group I am in it needs to meet the following: HEAD a. A fully enclosed helm of no less than 14 -gauge steel b. A full faceplate of 14 -guage steel or 16 -gauge reinforced steel c. All seams must be welded or riveted together. d. 1/4 inch of closed -cell foam or equivalent padding is required inside the helm. e. A chinstrap that prevents the helm from contacting the face (when pressure is applied to the grill) is required. f. The openings on the visor shall not be wide r than 3/4 inch in any direction

ArmStreet Team

Hi Justin, yes we can make this helmet to meet all the requirements. 

20 of October 2018

is he only wearing stuff from the ragnvaldur set of items?

ArmStreet Team

Hi, yes the model is wearing the items from our Viking collection. 

12 of March 2018

Can this be use for HMB (ACL in USA) & can the visor cut be 2mm as well?

ArmStreet Team

Hi Jonathan! The helmet is SCA legal and should be good for HMB as well, but I
recommend that you consult with your team captain or local marshal
just in case. The visor is made of 5mm steel, it cannot be made thinner for
technical and safety reasons.

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