News - Viking ladies collection “Shieldmaiden”

September 08, 2015

“Shieldmaiden” collection

The best way to learn about how to be a Viking is to be a Viking

“Shieldmaiden” is our new huge collection which provides a number of great clothing, accessories, armor gear and a lot more for the beautiful part of Viking society.

"Shieldmaiden" Viking Women's Leather Armor

We tried to expose both sides of Viking woman life. This is why we have armor and simple functional clothing in our collection along with traditional Viking dresses and aprons. So, whether you need to go to a war shoulder to shoulder with your beloved man or to stay at home to guard your family and land — you'll find all you need for this.

Linen Viking Dress and Apron "Ingrid the Hearthkeeper"

“Ingrid the Hearthkeeper” is a complete Viking's costume which includes dress, apron, lightweight leather shoes and traditional Viking's Apron brooches.

"Eydis" Linen Viking Tunic and Dress

“Eydis” series provides more practical and simple clothing for regular occasions and to be warn under the armor.

If you are a boy (which happens occasionally) then, after browsing full list of “Shieldmaiden” collection items and buying something for your lady, you can take a look at “Viking” collection for yourself.

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