Armor Corset “Shieldmaiden”

Viking women's leather corset armor

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26 of April 2018

could this be made in a smaller size? specifically for a 21in waist

ArmStreet Team

Hi Isabella! Yes, customization is possible. Please contact our website support for more information.

18 of December 2017

This may be an odd question but could this armour be used for a male?

ArmStreet Team

Hello Tyler! This armor corset cannot be used for a male, unfortunately.

13 of November 2017

What are the sizings for the XXL? The chart doesn't show it but the options list does in the drop down box

ArmStreet Team

Sorry, the biggest size available is XL.

Carmen P.S.
15 of March 2017

Would this corset work on horseback? Or would the front piece be to low to sit astride? Thanks!

ArmStreet team

There shouldn`t be a problem with sitting on the horse, but to stay on the safe side, the corset can be made with a straight front edge same as on the back. Just mention the change in the comments to your order.

17 of February 2017

I love this armor! I do have a question, can the metal clasps and buckles be made in steel or something silvery?

ArmStreet team

The metal accents can be made of Brass only due to the technical reasons, sorry.

courtney benstead
14 of February 2017

I was wondering what this would look like in Black leather? Can you still see the beautiful pattern that's on the leather? Thank you.

ArmStreet team

We believe the corset will look marvelous in Black :) Unfortunately we don`t have any photos of this piece in Black. The embossing is visible on the black leather, of course.

04 of September 2015

Really cool armor! What weight/thickness of leather did you use for this piece?

ArmStreet team

Thank you! Leather thickness of about 4 mm (8-9 oz).

27 of August 2015

Does it come with leg or upper-arm armour?

ArmStreet team

This listing is for the corset only. Full armor (corset, pauldrons, tassets) and bracers are available separately.

27 of August 2015

very fabulous, very Boudicca and Xena! i like this! will i need help to put it on if i got one? is that skirt bit available too?

ArmStreet team

Thanks! Full armor is listed here - Leather Women's Armor “Shieldmaiden”. Yes, most likely you'll need outside help to put it on.

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