News - Tenderness and innate flowering of the Snow White

September 21, 2018

Zephyrian chemise with two gorgeous skirts

Marquisette chemise “Snow White” with delicate pleats Voluminous linen underskirt with lace “Snow White” Flax linen skirt with structured corset “Snow White”

The whole appearance of the ArmStreet's reading of the Snow White is saturated with the alchemy of spring, blooming trees, birds singing and awakening nature. The series features a weightless marquisette chemise, a voluminous fine linen underskirt with lace and a graceful linen skirt with the structured corset. All three elements of this fantasy costume are self-existent and can be used on their own, but the synergy of them used together is beyond any depiction! The magic touch of understanding birds and animals languages is outside the scope of supply, but at least we expect fauna to be more prone to pose at pictures with you.

Snow White set – the delicacy of a light spring breeze Voluminous linen skirt with gorgeous lace Snow White

An absolutely stunning chemise is made of meters and meters of weightless marquisette that pleats nicely down from the rounded neckline and at the voluminous sleeves. Long lacing at the waistline is accompanied by the tiny loops at the side seams, so it stays right where you put it however fast you run with deers in the morning woods or however many times you bend to pick up another beautiful flower.

Flared silhouette marquisette chemise "Snow White"

Designed in combination of pleats and layers to provide an incredible volume without being too heavy, the skirt has its own chic and can be worn by itself. The contrast of simple natural linen and astonishing lacework brings you all the attention without being florid or pompous. The silhouette of this underskirt resembles Victorian look and is a hidden gem of the complete Snow White set.

Voluminous linen skirt with gorgeous lace Snow White

The upper corset skirt is a real miracle of design and therefore performs a real miracle over the stature of the wearer. The set of corset bones of precisely calculated length and position is embedded into the skirt and reshapes the waistline without giving itself away as efficiently as any self-respecting corset does. But the most interesting part is the back of the skirt: the graceful curve of the corset gives way to the long train which – should the need arise for an even more Victorian look – can be transformed into a bustle-like gathering of fabric with the help of tiny rings and laces.

The noble look of the corset skirt Snow White

The most delicate and tender series at ArmStreet exhibit, the Snow White aspect is ideally suited for festive occasion of sentimental spirit or if your persona at the medieval gathering or at the fantasy event has a nonearthy elusive nature. However, why should we set any limits – the whole world is inviting and friendly to such an open and ingenuousness character!

Tender and romantic character of the Snow White

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