News - Linen Medieval Dress “Lady of the Lake”: 2014 collection

January 31, 2014

New Medieval Style Linen Dress from Armstreet. First 2014 collection costume

One more beautiful dress from ArmStreet based on medieval silhouette. “Lady of the Lake” medieval dress is made of natural flax linen and decorated with originally designer trim with flower ornament with additional golden rope bordering.

Linen Medieval Dress Lady of the Lake from Armstreet 2014 collection

"Lady of the Lake" is a first costume from new collection.

Front part of the dress has decorative seams embroidered with tiny golden color seed beads. Similar decoration emphasizing breathtaking body shape you can see on costumes of XIV century artworks.

Unique medieval style trim "Lady of the Lake" dress

"Lady of the Lake" dress decorated with one of a kind stylish medieval trim with flowers ornaments

Lady of the Lake dress has lacing on both sides which allows to make dress fit perfectly. Skirt is really wide, it has four additional V-shape inserts. Overall circumference of the skirt is more then 6 yards.

Wide flowering flattering sleeves complete the majestic silhouette.

Medieval blue linen dress with wide sleeves

Wide sleeves and elegant suede bodice creates amazing look

Another important part of the costume is natural suede bodice. Bodice comes in pre-manufactured sizes as it can be made for certain types of body but since this year we have 7 sizes women's size chart so you have great choice of sizes and most likely you'll find your size in our size chart

Lady of the Lake dress with suede bodice vest

“Lady of the Lake” dress and suede bodice

Natural suede bodice has front lacing so it might be adjusted for your figure as well.  “Lady of the Lake” natural suede bodice is also decorated with matching trim and nice small scallops which complete medieval look of the outfit. You can purchase natural suede medieval corset belt separately or as a part of full “Lady of the Lake” medieval outfit


  • 100% pure natural flax-linen
  • 100% pure natural leather suede
  • Original medieval style trim

Natural flax-linen is one of the best sorts of textile. It is relatively expensive as it is labor-intensive to manufacture but it is well-known for it's coolness in hot weather. Also, it is very sturdy (normally 2 to 4 times more durable then cotton) and lasts for years. We also love linen for it's natural and historical look. Linen has been used for clothes manufacture for centuries.

Flax-linen colors green Flax-linen colors midnight

Medieval style trim. Armstreet provides not only historical look, comfort and great size adjustment but also uniqueness in every detail. You can't find this trim in stores or online as it was designed by us in-house and ordered in limited quantity for this dress. Natural leather suede.

Suede leather from the underside layer of leather so it's softer the regular full-grain leather. Suede is traditional historical material which looks great.

Suede leather color blue Suede leather color green

Medieval linen dress and suede vest costume

Check all items from our medieval dress and vest outfit "Lady of the Lake"

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