News - Medieval Rus Bracers Bazubands Armor

February 11, 2014

Medieval Rus Kit: bazubands, geaves with cops, pauldrons

New Slavik style kit for reenactors and fans of Rus armour. Only basic pieces this time: interesting greaves with cops, bazubands and low line one-piece pauldrons.

For those who asked about how etched armour holds and how it could be repaired we made this simple video

Enjoy our etched stainless bracers crash test and repair video

Main armour kit features:

  • 1.5 mm (16 ga) etched stainless steel
  • Natural leather straps
  • Handmade brass casting clasps
  • Solid steel one-piece rivets

Greaves with Cops Rus Slavik armour
Greaves with cops: etched stainless steel armour

Bracers Bazubands etched stainless steel armour
Etched stainless steel armour bracers

Etched stainless steel armor pauldrons
Etched stainless steel pauldrons

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