News - Women's Lightweight Medieval Shoes

March 10, 2014

Lightweight Embossed Leather Shoes for Princess

This is our first pair of women's shoes. We often asked about what kind of footwear fits the best to our light linen medieval dresses. Here is an answer.

Medieval Lightweight Embossed Leather Shoes

These shoes are made of great quality embossed leather which looks great and unusual. Sole is made of hard natural leather so you may dance all the night long. Shoes are very lightweight, reliable and cosy.

Lightweight Leather Women's Shoes

For extra protection leather sole is covered with thin layer of modern "Vibram" type outsole. It doesn't damages medieval look of these shoes but provides better contact with any type of surface and extra duty time. 

Look at larger samples of available leather colors and patterns:

Brown embossed leather sample    

Engoy our collection of medieval shoes here

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