Costume “Lady of the Lake”

Medieval linen dress and suede corset

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16 of November 2018

Could this be made with sleeves like on the "Greensleeves" dress?

ArmStreet Team

Hi Eleanor! It is not possible to make the sleeves on this dress like on the "Green Sleeves"dress, however, we can make straight sleeves if needed. They will start from the trim on the bicep, the same way as shown on the Found Princess dress

Ann Marie Eckart
13 of November 2017

Can this be worn without the corset and if so can you provide a picture of what it looks like without the corset?

ArmStreet Team

Hello Ann Marie, yes it can be worn without corset. Lady of Lake dress available for purchase separately here

Lou Partridge
02 of September 2017

Hello! I am considering your Lady of the Lake dress for my wedding and wondered if you are still able to make it in the violet fabric, or in red? Best wishes, Lou

ArmStreet Team

Hi Lou, yes we can make it in violet linen. 

25 of August 2017

Hi there, Can both the dress and corset be made in blue with all silver, accents grommets, cording and beading And with silver based trims? Thank you

ArmStreet Team

Hi Arna, yes it is possible but with some other trim upon your choice. 

23 of August 2017

I absolutely adore this dress! I saw in the comments that you have been able to make this dress in white by using white cotton, but the corset would be unable to be made in white. Are there any colors other than the blue or green suede available? I would love to get it in purple. Thanks so much, and I love your work!

ArmStreet Team

Hi Anna, we do not have burgundy seude, but we can make it in brown seude if you wish. 

13 of August 2017

Hello, first let me say how much I am enjoying the wonderful cloaks that I have purchased from you ( and how many compliments I receive), thank you. My question regarding this exquisite dress is, can it be made in black linen with the "Lady Hunter" trim? Thank you so much for you wonderful products and your craftsmanship. Laura

ArmStreet Team

Hi Laura, thank you for your kind words :) Yes, it is possible. 

24 of July 2017

Hello, I completely fell in love with this dress and I'm also thinking about getting it as my wedding dress, in emerald, with the green corset. Would it be possible to custom the trim to a green/gold one instead of the default blue/gold one? Thank you!

ArmStreet Team

Hi Lorelyn, yes we can make it with green/gold celtic trim for example. 

Krisi Losh
20 of June 2017

I love this dress and I was thinking about getting it for my wedding. I was wonder if the trim stiching could be silver instead of gold.

ArmStreet Team

Hi Krisi, yes all accents can be silver. 

Jen farias
19 of March 2017

Hello, I have a large order placed with you for a wedding. This is one of the dresses I have ordered in blue flax for myself (the bride). We are making dresses for our 4 daughters and I want to somehow incorporate this blue color into their dresses. I was thinking perhaps making them a sash. Would I be able to possibly buy just some of the blue flax linen with my order? So that my daughters sashes could be the exact color of my dress? Let me know if this is possible and what the added cost would be. Thank You, Jennifer

ArmStreet team

Yes, we can sell up to 2 m of the blue flax linen together with your order. The linen will cost $15.00 per a meter, shipping is free since it will be sent with the rest of the order.

Sheela Cox
17 of March 2017

Hello! I am thinking about getting this for my wedding dress. Can the dress and corset belt be made in white with gold trim?

ArmStreet team

Thanks for choosing our dress for such an important day! The dress can be made of white cotton (white linen is too thin and won`t look good), the price will stay the same. The corset belt cannot be made in white as we don`t have appropriate white suede, sorry.

Frida löfström
05 of May 2016

Hi! I wonder IF the lenght of the dress is exactly as long as the body lenght? I like the skirats to be a bit longer Then just to the ground. Can I add 5 or 10 cm when I order to get the extra Best whishes Frida

ArmStreet Team

Hi Frida, dress length can be customized. Please simply leave this request in the comment to your order. 

Marion Vaucher
19 of April 2016

Hi , would it be possible to have the green made in green , with a green trim also ?

ArmStreet Team

Hi Marion, yes it is possible. Please check our trims here

Luda Begley
18 of June 2015

Top o' the Morning to you! Just a quick question, can this dress be made of Black Flax Linen with Black-Gold Celtic Trim (as one listed for the Chess Queen), while keeping the rest of the decoration the same (the golden rope, the frontal stitching/beading in gold, etc), as in the original dress shown? Thank you in advance. I bid you very lovely day! Sincerely, Luda.

ArmStreet team

Yes, can be made in black with gold Celtic trim, please add a comment to your order.

20 of January 2015

Wonderful! Will the trim match the green? In a picture I saw, it looked as though it were still the trim from the blue dress. If that is the default, is there a way to get a green trim on the dress instead?

ArmStreet team

Green dress comes with blue trim by default.

17 of January 2015

Any chance your lady of the lake dress will be available in green again soon? I like the look of the dress for my wedding, but I would prefer the green over the other colors.

ArmStreet team

Green flax should be available again within two weeks.

05 of January 2015

Hi! I was wondering if it is possible to order the corset in violet as well as the dress, or order it as a custom-made corset?

ArmStreet team

The corset can be made in blue or green suede in regular sizes only.

14 of October 2014

Hello love to get this dress In black with either dark blue or green would black look in this dress?

ArmStreet Team

Hi avalyen, black will look good especially with blue contrasting trim. 

Emma Miller
12 of September 2014

This dress was amazing. The craftsmanship was superb and it fit perfectly. I couldn't have asked for a better dress.

ArmStreet team

Thank you for such high mark, Emma! Very inspiring!

23 of February 2014
What chemise would you recommend with the lady of the lake dress?
ArmStreet team

Our classic chemise or "Lady Rowena" chemise for more noble look.
For the underdress without sleeves please check the Florentine style bodice with petticoat.

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