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Dress “Found Princess”

White medieval wedding dress

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28 of June 2022

A customer for 10 years, I've never been disappointed ☺️. The dress is gorgeous with beautiful details. Thank you for making me dream ❤️

Elisa C.
02 of November 2021

Thank you so much for the beautiful dress! It was exactly as I expected from the picture and even more beautiful! I felt incredibly comfortable in it, the fabric is really very comfortable to wear. The only suggestion for improvement would be to communicate any customs charges more clearly directly with the items. Otherwise, a big compliment to the contacts at Armstreet. Very polite and friendly people, thank you very much for the great communication!

28 of August 2021

Dear Armstreet team and dear Rita, I am so happy with the dress! The cotton fabric is soft and slightly shiny at the same time. The trim matches beautifully and the tailors did an excellent job. The dress is beautifully sewn and hemmed. I'm looking forward to feeling like a princess at my wedding. I haven't found anything like it anywhere yet. You really have a unique selling point! Many thanks also to dear Rita, who always keeps me up to date. You are all a very friendly and competent team! I am satisfied!

01 of October 2020

Custom-ordered for my wedding, the dress is really beautiful and of high quality. It's a Renaissance dress, not a medieval one, and despite the trimming (which is very pretty), it's also suitable for an early 19th-century style, especially without the tight sleeves, as I did for my wedding in August (sew under the bouffant - under the trimming - close the trimming with a button, for example). I had a very good email contact about measurements, the staff member was perceptive and attentive, however the sleeves at the forearms were a little too tight and the skirt was too long (by a good 10cm - rectified with a scissors!). Dress put on without shirt underneath. It takes a long time to receive the order, not so much before shipment as after, as customs clearance takes a long time. No extra charge on receipt. Would recommend!

20 of May 2020

A real dream dress! I wanted a dress with extreme puff sleeves for so long and was so happy when I got this model. I had it made to measure and it fits like a glove. Unfortunately, it was too fitted in one place, so I had to replace some of the loops with elastic at the buttons on the right arm. I would advise everyone to take measurements on both arms. You also need help putting the dress on and taking it off. But once you're in it, you really feel like a princess! The fabric is made of really good material. It feels soft yet robust. And the trims are beautifully designed and embroidered.

20 of May 2020

I bought this dress in January for my wedding in October. In size 0, it's perfect. The fabric is high quality, the seams impeccable. The bodice fits the bust just right, and it's long! (for my 1m78!) I have nothing to complain about with this gorgeous dress, I'm very happy!

27 of October 2019

I bought this dress 2 months ago and i'm really gratefull. The staff was wondeful and they sent it me very fast and before arrival date, so i boght another dress again. Now i'm waiting for it but it will be beautiful !! Sure!. Thanks a lot !!

14 of October 2019

Arrived a week too late to wear to my wedding due to a shipping error. The dress is beautiful, though I can't button the sleeves as these are too snug. I measured myself twice but I must have done it incorrectly. Otherwise, a beautiful dress!

Eva Decock
13 of August 2018

Quick process time, unfortunately the shipping took an aweful lot of time and my package came in smashed. Luckely the dress was untouched. It fits like a glove, it is just perfect! Amazing craftmanship, every detail has been sorted out perfectly. Thanks ❤

Alea Wall
14 of May 2018

Beautifully made. This company never disappoints.

Nicole Nasal
28 of March 2018

It's absolutely perfect, I'll post more pictures when the wedding is done next spring. I can't thank you guys enough, this dress is done extremely well in every way. Thank you for getting the trim for me. I am overjoyed!

Xiao Lee
07 of February 2018

There wasn't many trim options for this dress, but my girlfriend loved the silhouette and design of this dress. In the end, we settled on a black dress with blue swan trimming, and it looks amazing. We hadn't pause to consider the ease of getting in/out of the dress, but armstreet was thorough and placed tied lacing on both sides of the dress for ease of access. The neckline dives very low into cleavage area so a chemise is an absolute must have! The dress is very comfortable and soft to wear. Bite the bullet and get one yourself, they're lovely

Melinda Pugliese
28 of April 2016

For Italy The Shipping Times are 4 Weeks. The dress is very beautiful and is faithful with the images .

Anne Lise
22 of April 2016

The dress of my life for the most beautiful day of my life! Perfect in size 0 (165 cm for 54 kgs), beautiful fabric, impeccable workmanship, arrived in record time ... Just need to find the Prince to go with it! Thanks a lot, Lizzy from France .

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09 of August 2023

Is the Found Princess Voile Chemise needed to wear this dress?

ArmStreet Team

You can wear it with any other chemise you like. This dress has a very deep V-neck and it might be too revealing to wear it without chemise underneath.

21 of August 2019

Could the sleeves on this dress be altered at the shoulder to be fitted like the Lady of the Lake or White Swan dresses sans the bell sleeves? Thanks!

ArmStreet Team

Dear Kyla, the sleeves on this dress cannot be altered, unfortunately, but they can be made a little less puffy upon request. 

18 of April 2019

Hi, to have this made with a different trim how would we go about specifying this when placing the order? and does changing the ribbon change the cost?

ArmStreet Team

Dear Avril, please simply select custom size option for the dress and select the trim you like. No extra cost.

23 of December 2018

Would it be possible to have a royal blue or ice blue ribbon instead of the burgundy?

ArmStreet Team

Hi Leslie, this dress can be made with Rowena blue trim. 

15 of August 2018

Hi, is it possible to have a custom-made dress? I wonder if it possible to have this dress in a black version, with knee-lenght skirt. Thanks


Hi Maddalena! Yes, we can make this dress in black cotton. However, it cannot have knee length skirt, unfortunately. 

Alec Taylor
10 of August 2018

Hello! My fiancee is thinking of getting this dress for our wedding, but is wondering if it is possible to get it in white linen or silk with sleeves cut like the bell style sleeves from the Lady of the Lake or White Swan dresses.

ArmStreet Team

Hi Alec, this dress cannot be made in linen, but yes, we can make the sleeves like on the Swan dress.

J. Breanne
13 of March 2018

Hi, I am wondering if there is anyway if I order the custom size for the cut of the bodice can be changed from a V neck to a scoop neck? I was considering buying the dress and making the modification myself but if it is possible for you guys to do it even at an additional cost then I might as well save myself some additional work.

ArmStreet Team

Hi, the neckline cannot be altered, sorry.

25 of February 2018

Hi! I am in the US and looking for a new, unique wedding dress, as the one I ordered got lost in the mail. If I ordered this and it got lost in the mail, or it didn't fit (doubtful as you provide measurements, but you never know), what would be my recourse? Also is there any other option for trim? I understand how difficult making items to order is, but red is just not part of our wedding colors. I don't mind having the red trim, but it doesn't hurt to ask. I hope I can order this dress soon while it's on sale, as I've already lost a considerable amount to the lost dress from Spain. 

ArmStreet Team

Hi Jacquelyn, we can surely make it with another trim color. Please check our return policy here

08 of July 2017

Hi, could this dress be made in black velvet w/o trim by any chance? Thank you

ArmStreet Team

Hi Jessie, this dress can be made in velvet, but we are out of black velvet, unfortunately. It is not possible to make it without trim though. 

Ketina Schuchard
04 of March 2017

Hello! I was looking at the "Found Princess" dress and I was wondering if, when I order, I was able to request it without the embroidered like ribbon? I understand this could leave seams exposed but I really like the shape and design, just not so much on the extra ribbons. Thank you for your time and hope you have a wonderful day!

ArmStreet team

The dress can be made w/o trim though our designer thinks that it will look too simple. You can just mention it in the comments to your order.

06 of February 2017

Wondering if I can order the found princess with the Lost Princess Bodice? Will that look strange? The dresses seem pretty similar. And would you chose Black or Burgundy? I was thinking the burgundy bodice would be too much with the Burgundy dress. Maybe the Black would look better. Thanks again for your help!

ArmStreet team

The Lost and Found Princess dresses are the same and the corsets are absolutely interchangeable. You can order a set and mention the desired colours for the dress and bodice in the comments to your order.

10 of January 2017

Beautiful and elegant dress, my favorite! Can it be made with the oval, more-closed decollete, for e.g. like “Chess Queen” dress? Thank you!

ArmStreet team

It means a world for us to receive such feedback on our products! The dress cannot be made with any other neckline, unfortunately, it would require the change of the whole pattern. Thank you for understanding.

03 of December 2016

What are the actual differences between Lost and Found Princess?

ArmStreet team

The dresses are the same, the difference is only in colour. :)

Ashley French
17 of October 2016

I keep trying to add this item to my cart but it keeps saying, unable to add this item to cart, please try again later. Could i have some help with this?

ArmStreet team

Sure, we can manually place your order - please email us the details (the full list of items, colors, sizes etc.) at

02 of July 2016

Can this dress be made with non-poofy sleeves?

ArmStreet team

This dress can not be made with non-poofy sleeves; we can either make it with no sleeves at all or with short poofy sleeves. Unfortunately we can not change the configuration of the sleeves completely.

22 of June 2016

Does the dress skirt naturally puff out like in the picture? Or is there a petticoat type of thing needed? Thanks! (Also happy to see there's another product with my name on it! Literally!)

ArmStreet team

There is no special petticoat for this dress in this collection. The model is wearing a simple flowing underskirt. It is not possible to order that exact underskirt, but you can check out our mediaval underwear set (corset and skirt).

13 of June 2016

Is it possible to get this in another color?

ArmStreet Team

Hi Rebecca, yes, it can be made in green, blue, dark blue, burgundy, black and white colors. 

24 of April 2016

Does this dress come in black?

ArmStreet Team

Hi Nicole, yes, we can make it in black cotton. 

Melissa Reynolds
24 of April 2016

Is it possible to make this dress short sleeved?

ArmStreet Team

Hi Melissa, yes we can make it with short sleeves that end with the wide trim on the biceps (without narrow sleeves with buttons).

20 of April 2016

What chemise or corset would you pair with this dress?

ArmStreet Team

Hi Amy, this chemise and corset will be perfect for the dress. 

22 of November 2015

Hello! Could this amazing dress be made using the "pomegranate trim" that is available in the Lost Princess dress? Thank you!

ArmStreet team

This dress cannot be made with pomegranate trim for technical reasons, sorry.

21 of November 2015

Definitely must get this! Absolutely beautiful yet elegant, stunning dress! Can't wait to get it to wear through my hometown, through the magical forest I have belonged to, capturing all magical beings that awaits for my return...

ArmStreet team

Magical comment!

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