Eternal Princess

This collection embodies the very concept of “Princess”, with items that emphasize your grace and poise

A princess is more than just the daughter of a monarch. She’s more than just the castles she owns, the medieval noble clothing she owns and the courts she has to attend. Being a princess is about holding your life to a certain standard, exceeding all expectations and remaining graceful and elegant in the face of adversity. No matter how far away she may go, how lost she may become or how difficult her situation is, a princess still knows exactly who she is.

When she is cast from her land, disgraced and exiled, she does not stoop to the level of those who threw her out - instead she maintains her dignity and holds her head high. As she wanders into the dark forest, scared by low hanging vines and croaking bullfrogs, she does not slouch or cower. As she makes a fire for herself and sleeps alone in the dark, she pulls her woollen cloak and mittens closer.

And when she returns, clad in a white and velvet baroque dress, confident in herself and ready to take on the world and rule with compassion as her father always inspired her to do, there’s never any question about who she is. She’s beautiful and sensible, undeniably stylish but still practical in her fashion choices: she wears warm wool, durable cotton and a touch of luxurious velvet.

Being a princess is eternal. No matter what happens, in her heart, a princess will always be a princess. This collection is about upholding those standards and creating one of the most beautiful medieval princess costumes available. We have used quality fabrics, striking designs and beautiful silhouettes that flatter the modern figure.

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The ultimate medieval princess dress

If you are going to dress as a princess, there’s no point in holding back. You might as well pick the most magnificent, ornate costume that you can find so that you can show off to everyone you know and establish yourself as true royalty. At ArmStreet, we’re passionate about designing the most beautiful medieval princess costume you have ever seen and take great pride in using high-quality fabrics with lush textures.

Inspired by history and Rococo clothing

We take inspiration from a number of different time periods and create our costumes with the intention that our customers will be creative with their clothing choices. This costume can be interpreted as taking inspiration from many different time periods and designs, but we feel that it strongly resembles Rococo noble clothing.

Complete your baroque costume

Stop dreaming and start wearing! This collection has everything you need to put together the perfect outfit. We know that baroque clothing isn’t always easy to find, so we have put together a bunch of items that will allow you to pick and choose and put together a stunning ensemble. Pick from shoes, capes, tiaras, crowns, and jewelry.


Your new favorite renaissance princess costume!

Our Princess collection is one of our most famous creations to date. It started out with “Lost Princess”, a beautiful blue gown that captured the hearts of people everywhere. Following this, we released the “Found Princess”, a new take on the collection with updated trim and a bright white dress, perfect for medieval weddings. Finally, we released our “Eternal Princess” collection, a celebration of our favorite design in lush new colors and a beautiful new photo-shoot.

Learn to dress like a princess

Let’s face it – we’re not all princesses. It can be difficult to figure out exactly what it means to be a princess, and how we should act. With the help of ArmStreet, you can at least perfect one aspect of being a princess: the medieval princess clothing.

Don’t forget – accessories make the princess

Just like with any costume, accessories make a huge difference! Sure, you can just wear a dress… but it would look so much better if you also included a little bit extra to really go the extra mile. Here are some ideas of what you can wear:

  • A cape
  • Medieval shoes
  • Medieval princess hat
  • Princess jewelry
  • A crown
  • A medieval compact mirror

With the help of a few of these, everyone will believe that you are a princess!

A complete collection of medieval princess dresses

The first place to start with your costume is with a chemise. This is the underdress part of your costume, which will add extra volume and layers to your dress, whilst also protecting your outer dress from sweat. After this, you can add an out dress, a belt, mittens, a cloak… you have lots of options to help you look as beautiful as possible! And the best part is that you can shop for it here all in one location.

Create the fantasy costume you have always wanted

Though we say that this is the princess collection, there are lots of other directions you can go with the pieces here. You can make a baroque woman costume, a townswoman, a merchant… there are really endless characters that you can create with these pieces. You are really only limited by your own creativity. So jump in, and put together the perfect rococo costume or princess attire!

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