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“Princess in Exile” dress

Elegant cotton princess dress

Standard shipping: $38
Standard shipping time: 16-21 Days
Express shipping: $51 to
Express shipping time: 5-8 Days
Manufacturing time: 36-48 Days


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This item is part of the “Eternal Princess” collection

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18 of February 2019

Regarding your fixed sizes, I saw the note about the dress length. (Fixed size dresses are 58" (148 cm) long.) I'm 5'6" (167 cm) and approximately a size 4 according to your chart. Should I get a custom dress for the longer dress length?

ArmStreet Team
18 of February 2019

Dear Brittany, the dress should fit you nicely. 

05 of February 2019

Iam a plus size women size 16, do you make any beautiful white dresses in my size ?. It will be for our 15 year wedding vow ceremony, we are senior citizens, and my husband is an airforce veteran, thankyou again.

ArmStreet Team
06 of February 2019

Dear Joan, please simply select custom size option for the dress and send us your measurements in the order form so we could make custom size dress for you. 

19 of January 2019

Do you do reduced combined shipping costs? I’m interested in this dress and two different belts.

ArmStreet Team
20 of January 2019

Hi Brittany, yes, of course, shipping cost is combined automatically at the checkout. 

17 of January 2019

I am interested in getting the Princess in Exile custom dress. Will the "BigHeart" discount apply even though it is already on sale? I also signed up for your newsletter and received a 10$ coupon. May I also use this discount in addition to "BigHeart"?

ArmStreet Team
22 of January 2019

Hi Greta! Only one coupon code can be applied at the checkout. Yes, you are welcome to use the discount even if the dress is on sale. 

12 of December 2018

Am I correct that this is the same dress as the ‘lost’ and ‘found’ princess dresses?

ArmStreet Team
13 of December 2018

Hi Cara! Yes, the pattern is the same. 

April Finch
29 of October 2018

Does it come with the belt?

ArmStreet Team
30 of October 2018

Hi April! Belt can be purchased separately here

16 of October 2018

If i order this today in a size 8 will it arrive in Australia before the 20th of November?

ArmStreet Team
17 of October 2018

Hi Robina! Yes, standard shipping to Australia takes 3-4 weeks. Express shipping takes 8 days. 

Amiee N. Ryba
18 of September 2018

Is the burgundy cotton material for this dress the same as the men’s cotton tunic. bjorn-the-pathfinder-tunic?

ArmStreet Team
19 of September 2018

Hi Amiee! Yes, it is the same burgundy cotton. 

12 of September 2018

Will the princess in exile dress come in color burgundy or green? Would I get the dress by Oct 27th?

ArmStreet Team
13 of September 2018

Hi Arezou! Burgundy cotton will be back in stock in several days. Yes, your order can be delivered on time with express shipping

09 of September 2018

Is the fixed size only available in black or can fixed size also be ordered in the green or white?

ArmStreet Team
10 of September 2018

Hello Amy, kindly select custom size option for the listing to choose white or green color of the dress. 

Roger Valle
02 of September 2018

Hey, my partner and I are thinking of buying a pair of costumes soon, just wondering how much time we have before the sale ends?

ArmStreet Team
22 of January 2019

Hi Roger! We often have different promo offers. You are welcome to subscribe to our newsletters and you will receive coupon codes and promotion notifications. 

Amiee Ryba
01 of September 2018

Will the princess in exile dress come in the color shown? Burgundy or wine?

ArmStreet Team
01 of September 2018

Hi Amiee! Yes, we are expecting burgundy cotton back in stock in about a week. 

09 of August 2018

Hi! I was wondering that if instead of doing the lower arm in the button sleeve if it was possible to do it with a bell sleeve like on the White Swan dress. thank you!

ArmStreet Team
22 of January 2019

Yes, it is possible. 

Romana Daniels
22 of July 2018

Does this come with the light pink underdress?

23 of July 2018

Hi! Chemise is available for purchase here

Brenda Jauregui
29 of May 2018

Hi, I'm looking into getting this custom made and I was wondering how much would it cost to make a rush order on this dress?

ArmStreet Team
22 of January 2019

Hi Brenda! Rush order costs 10% extra.

30 of April 2018

Hi, I am looking at getting this dress for a medieval festival in early July and I was wondering how well the standard sizes fit and how well they can be adjusted. Since I am on the smaller side or below on most of the size 4 measurements and I am only 160cm tall.

ArmStreet Team
22 of January 2019

Dear Meagan, in this case we recommend to order custom size dress. 

01 of March 2018

can the puffy sleeves be altered

ArmStreet Team
22 of January 2019

They can be made less puffy. 

Laurie de vos
25 of February 2018

Do you do larger sizes and if so whats the extra charge if any. Thx

ArmStreet Team
22 of January 2019

Hi Laurie, please simply select custom size option for the dress and fill in the measurements in your order form.

15 of February 2018

Is it possible to have this dress made without the puffy sleeves?

ArmStreet Team
22 of January 2019

Hi Rowena! We cannot make it without puffy sleeves at all, but we can make them less puffy upon request. 

30 of November 2017

Would it be possible to make this dress with straight sleeves instead of puff sleeves? What would be the cost? Thank you.

ArmStreet Team
22 of January 2019

Hi Patricia! This dress cannot be made with straight sleeves, sorry. 

29 of November 2017

can this dress be made in a velvet?

ArmStreet Team
22 of January 2019

Hi Anna, yes, please contact our support team for the price.

21 of November 2017

Hi. How much would it cost without sleeves?? Thank you!

ArmStreet Team
22 of January 2019

Hi Iluvatar! This dress cannot be made without sleeves, unfortunately.

09 of November 2017

Any chance we could get this dress in a purple?

ArmStreet Team
22 of January 2019

Hi Jay, we do not have purple cotton, unfortunately.

07 of November 2017

This dress is utterly gorgeous. I'm always starstruck by a new Armstreet design. 

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