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Belt “Green Sleeves”

Exclusive etched brass pendant belt

Standard shipping: $28.00
Standard shipping time:23-28 Days
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Express shipping time: 10-14 Days
Manufacturing time: 18-24 Days
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14 of May 2020

The detail and quality on this one is mesmerizing! I am so in awe with it, I really want the silver one too!

12 of May 2020

I innocently asked, and BOY did you provide, Armstreet!!! It's a pity that I only have pictures of it in action from winter events and they're too dark to make out the details on, otherwise I'd totally spam you! So for anyone not in the know, I asked if this could be made with the disks of the "Boar" belt instead, and they even made the front dangle custom!!! Armstreet, if you ever take this to main production, since the "boar" are a bit bigger than the standard "green sleeves" disks (almost as wide across as the length of the dangle disk) I ended up moving an additional chain link to the bottom of most of the gaps to better accommodate hip curvature, and the rounded corners on the "Green green" sleeves disks are a really good idea. It's not really visible in this picture but I ended up spending a week watching game of thrones and filing the corners down further on my sample after it turned out they were still sharp enough to create snags in my Cotton Lady of the lake dress even though you'd given them an initial filedown. (Don't worry, the dress is fine, it was all fixable with a bit of patience and needlework)

12 of May 2020

This belt is so beautiful and looks exactly as it’s pictured on the website! This was my first time ordering from Armstreet and I was a little nervous that the products wouldn’t actually look as nice as they do on the website, but they really do!

Victoria Carson
20 of January 2015

Exceptional site! Provided quality item and good service.

Samantha Baldwin
20 of January 2015

Great belt, nice addition to my garb! Nice piece of work, very happy.

ArmStreet team

Thank you, Samantha!

If this is a general question we may post it on the page to help other customers, otherwise we will just answer you by email

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21 of December 2019

if I order a dress and the brass belt can the shipping be less and shipped together

ArmStreet Team

Hi Jean, yes shipping cost is combined/reduced automatically at the checkout once you add more than 1 product to the cart. 

21 of August 2015

I was wondering the dimensions of each link. I want to make sure they won't look too big on top of my dress. Thanks, Mary

ArmStreet team

Each plate is 5 x 5 cm or 2 x 2 in inches.

10 of October 2014

Can this belt be made from silver or gold instead of brass, due to allergies.

ArmStreet team

The accents cannot be made of gold or silver, sorry.

Ronshell Wells
12 of February 2014

Hello, I inquiring about the etched brass women's belt. How many extra brass etched links will I need to go around me with one extra link before/ but not including the chain. My waist is: 50, my hips is: 54. Could you add it up with the extra brass links and tell me how much it will be all together? Thank you; Ronshell Wells.

ArmStreet team

We'll need to add about 9-10 extra links, such upgrade costs $45 extra.

Ronshell Wells
14 of January 2014

Hello, Does the Etched Women's Brass Belt come in a particular size already or can it be customized to fit me? Thank you; Ronshell W.

ArmStreet team

This belt is made-to-measure, please provide your hips and waist circumferences in the order form.

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