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Fantasy Dress “Lost Princess”

Elegant cotton dress with exclusive trim

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31 of August 2021

Wow! I love this so much. I was in a time-pickle for a Witcher-LARP and I needed to find a good handmaid costume. This did not disappoint! The dress is quality-heavy, stands out well, has beautiful details and sits comfortably on the body. I bought one standard size 4 as I did not have the time to get it custom-made and honestly it fit perfectly - except for the length, which was a little bit to the long side (I'm 1,65m tall, typical size M). Everyone commented on how great it looked. Thank you so much for this wonderful piece of medieval clothing!

16 of May 2020

Such an elegant dress that flatters so many body types! I love the heavier weight and extra volume in this dress, the way it moves, and how sturdy it is! Its shapes and details are exquisite, and it’s held up to all kinds of events. Though it’s certainly more weighty in construction, it still doesn’t let you overheat. Beautiful dress, with that very high level of quality Armstreet always puts forward. One of my favorite pieces!

13 of May 2020

I got this dress custom made a couple of years ago and I love it! I’ve worn it a number of times and it’s useful for a number of different settings (I’m a larper). Excellent quality and fabric! Will be wearing this for years to come

17 of November 2017
This is such a lovely dress, I absolutely love mine! It's very sturdy and of excellent quality. The fabric is quite durable and somewhat heavy. A note for buyers though. If you are between sizes like me (Waist fits size 2, chest fits size 4,) I strongly encourage you to pay the extra money and get it custom sized. I chose to buy the size that fit my chest and the result is a somewhat loose fit, despite the lacing. I'm also fairly short, so the dress is very long on me. If you're under 5'4, the stock size will probably be too long for you. Learn from me and get your dress sized, it's well worth it. That being said, I still adore my dress and look for any chance to wear it!
Thank you for your review, Rachel! You look wonderful! Thanks for the photos!
30 of July 2017

This dress is sooo gorgeous! I absolutely love mine! A couple things for potential buyers to note: 1) Despite the fact that the dress is made of cotton, the fabric is very heavy. Heavy to the point it's difficult to get out of on your own. Not impossible though, just hard. My best guess is that it's some kind of cotton twill, but I could be wrong. The dress would be good for spring, fall, and some winter weather, but you're not going to be comfortable wearing this during the summer. 2) I would highly recommend getting the custom sizing done if you're between sizes like I am. My waist would have fit perfectly in a 2, but I went with a 4 because my bust wouldn't have fit the measurements. The result was, my bust fit perfectly, but since the waist is loose, it makes me look a bit shapeless. So please, get custom sizing! It's worth the extra cost!

If this is a general question we may post it on the page to help other customers, otherwise we will just answer you by email

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19 of October 2019

Can you tell me what size the model is wearing? Thanks!

ArmStreet Team

The model is wearing custom size. Please send us your bust and waist circumference so we could help you to choose the right size. 

11 of July 2019

The chart for time is a little confusing. If I were to order this dress custom in the next couple of days how long would it take to get to me? If I order it standard is that just delivery time?

ArmStreet Team

Dear Ellorah, pre-made dress is sent right away. Standard shipping takes about 3 weeks and express shipping is 1 week only. Please send us your bust and waist circumeference so we could help you to choose the right size. Custom size dress needs about 40 days to be made. 

08 of September 2018

My waist size is exactly 96cm. Chest is 108 and biceps is 33cm. Since this dress has puffy sleeves I think I should order a size 8... But I am a bit worried about my waist size. My size around the hips is 104 cm, will that still fit a size 8 or better go with a 10?

ArmStreet Team

Dear Inge, our size 8 should fit you tight and nice like on the pics of the listing. However, if you do not like tight fit, then it is better to proceed with size 10. 

15 of May 2017

Hello I would like to ask how much will the dress cost if I completed the whole set of the dress. Thank you.

ArmStreet Team

Dear Mano, please add all items you like to your cart and total price will be calculated autimatically. Shipping cost is combined automatically as well.

Regina Weir
22 of March 2017

Question are the Lost Princess and the Found Princess dresses the same length - the Lost Princess appears in photos as if it has a bit of a train and the white Found Princess looks floor length all round? Both of these can also be made in black with the Black and Gold Celtic trim is that correct?

ArmStreet team

Yes, the dresses have same length, it is possible that those for photos were different a bit as they were made in custom size. Fixed sized dress are all the same, custom sized dress length will be made according to your full height.

Ásta Helgadóttir
24 of January 2017

I was wondering, could the puffed sleeves be made smaller? They seem to be a lot bigger than what I would want.

ArmStreet team

The puffed sleeves cannot be changed, sorry.

Frida Löfström
25 of November 2016

Hi! I wonder if this dress, including arms, could be made in velvet, if so which colours and price? /Frida

ArmStreet team

The dress can be made of natural velvet (the colours available: Blue, Burgundy, Bottle Green, White, Violet). The dress will cost $350.00 + $38.00 shipping.
If that works for you, we`re ready to send you a PayPal invoice for $388.00.

02 of November 2016

Hello! Will the standard size 4 be in stock again any time soon?

ArmStreet team

At the moment we can`t tell when the size 4 will be back in stock, sorry.
You can always order a custom made dress, please note that now there are last days of free shipping and you have a great chance to order a custom dress and get it shipped for free.
Also, the Found Princess dress is available in size 4, but in White color.

Vicky S
05 of September 2016

I'm very interested in purchasing the Lost Princess dress for an upcoming event and was wondering, if I ordered the dress within the next few days, would I be able to expect the dress before Nov? Also, prices differ on here from the Etsy shop, not sure if different sales are going on or if it is some kind of error.

ArmStreet team

If you order the dress in fixed size it will be sent asap. As shipping normally takes 16-21 days, you should receive the dress around September 26 if you order today.

If you need the dress in Custom size, it should be ready by the end of September, as manufacturing normally takes 19-24 days. You will definitely get it before November begins.

28 of August 2016

Hi. I would like to know if the dress could be made with detachable sleeves. Thank you!

ArmStreet team

The Lost Princess dress can not be made with detachable sleeves, sorry.

Emily Henderson
30 of July 2016

Hi If I ordered this dress in the next three weeks when would I get it?

ArmStreet team

If you order the dress in fixed size from stock, it can be sent at once, shipping takes 16-21 days. If you need a custom sized dress, it has to be manufactured first, manufacturing time is 19-24 days + shipping time 16-21 days.

04 of December 2015

I was looking at purchasing this in a fixed size 2 however I am concerned about the length of the dress. I am 5'10" do you think this dress would be too short? Or would it be okay? Thank you!

ArmStreet team

You need to get a custom size, since standard size items are too short for you. Please note, the women's clothing of standard sizes is designed for full height 5' 6" (168 cm). Fixed size dresses are 58" (148 cm) long in sizes 0-8 and 59" (150 cm) in sizes 10-12.

Bree NarnianWarHorse
27 of November 2015

Do you happen to have pictures of this lovely dress in the other fabric colors &/or other trims? (the 'Found Princess' pictures are very helpful! I'd buy it in a heartbeat, but sadly, I can't wear white well...) I'm hoping to order one of these lovely gowns today or tomorrow.

ArmStreet team

Usually we make photo shoots of our items only in one basic color, so unfortunately there are no such pictures. For today we have only pictures of this dress in blue (the Lost Princess) and white (the Found Princess), sorry.

Bree NarnianWarHorse
02 of October 2015

I am hoping to purchase the Lost Princess Dress, Belt, and the XIV Century Chemise sometime soon. Don't know if this is a question you can answer... But just in case... While budgeting for this lovely costume, would I be better off using one of these great current discounts, or waiting for Black Friday? No worries if this isn't a question you guys can answer. :)

ArmStreet team

Currently this dress, shirt and belt are available with discount, you save about $75.00 ordering them now. Unfortunately I do not know what will be the discounts on Black Friday, most likely about 15-20% off from original price.

30 of September 2015

Hi! Do you know approximately how long a custom order for this dress would take to manufacture and ship?

ArmStreet team

Manufacturing of the dress takes 19-24 days, and shipping takes 16-21 days, then total term will be about 5-7 weeks.

Christopher Newland
18 of September 2015

Is there any way to "blow up" the sample trim fabrics? Sample pictures would be awesome.

ArmStreet team

That's what we plan to do on our new site, we're working on it right now. Thank you for helping us to improve our service!

Ashley Byrns
02 of September 2015

For the chemise underneath the dress, what color is it? The natural or white? It's hard to tell on my monitor.

ArmStreet team

Model from the pictures wears White color Medieval Exclusive XIV Century Style Chemise Underdress.

23 of August 2015

Hello! I'm looking to purchase this dress for an upcoming con and will need it in about 6 weeks; will the estimated shipping and manufacturing time be enough to get it to the US or should I request expedited shipping? Thanks!

ArmStreet team

We have enough time for manufacturing and shipping, please be sure to mention your deadline in a comment to your order. Welcome!

15 of August 2015

The in stock size would fit me in the chest and the waist, but my concern is the circumference of the arms. Could you let me know what size 10 accommodates?

ArmStreet team

We're working on this now, we will publish the size chart including the upper arm circumference in a couple of days.

28 of July 2015

Hi. Could this dress be made: 1.- In natural red volver? 2.- Without sleeves at all? Thank you!!!

ArmStreet team

This dress can be made without sleeves in natural velvet, the swatches of available reddish colors of velvet are listed below. This dress in velvet should be made with bodice lining, total price will be $320 for the dress with cotton lining or $345 - with natural silk linen + shipping. Please email us at if this works for you.

burgundy velvet raspberry red velvet

10 of June 2015

Stunning dress. I'm curious to know if the lower sleeve (not the puffed bit,) could be made in red, and if so, would that cost extra?

ArmStreet team

Thank you! This dress comes in cotton, and unfortunately we don't have any red cotton, thus the dress cannot be made in red, sorry.

04 of June 2015

Would you recommend stays under this gown to achieve a smooth look?

ArmStreet team

Stays are not necessary, you can wear your usual bra. But please note that the low neckline of the dress requires a chemise/underdress.

02 of June 2015

I absolutely love this dress, but puff sleeves do not look good on my frame. Can this be made without the puff sleeves in the flax green?

ArmStreet team

Cannot be made without the puff sleeves or out of flax linen, sorry.

29 of May 2015

Hi! Very gorgous, unfortunately, it will be nice to have more color choices... Do it's possible to have this dress in others colours?

ArmStreet team

This dress comes in cotton, which is available in black, dark blue, green, white colors only, sorry.

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