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Costume “Lost Princess”

Trimmed cotton dress and velvet vest

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Evie Frye
06 of January 2024

I will most definitely order at this shop again! :3 Love it!

23 of October 2023

Another stunning piece by Armstreet- cannot recommend this company highly enough! Excellent quality. I received many compliments at my event.

Jennie Shaw
17 of October 2023

Absolutely stunning in real life. Fits well. Four of the arm loops fell out the first time I wore the dress. I'll replace them with elastic so I can actually move. But honestly, it's the prettiest dress I have and I love it.

17 of October 2023

Well-made and fits like a dream! Armstreet does absolutely stunning work. I needed this outfit on a deadline for a handfasting ceremony, and the seller was very accommodating. Love my Armstreet garb. :)

02 of September 2023

Slava Ukraini! Customer service was awesome, the dress and the jacket arrived fast and sewn completely on my own measures, it's incredible and absolutely gorgeous. Highly recommend to order from this shop!

Mindy Roys
26 of May 2023

This dress is so beautiful, more than I expected. She was so helpful with choosing colors and even raising the neckline because I’m wearing it to my son’s wedding. Overall, an amazing experience!

Natalie T
04 of November 2021

This dress fit perfectly! Really great communication with the shop owner. The quality is truly outstanding. This is my favorite piece of clothing! Thank you so much

Agata Torrisi
24 of October 2019

Wonderful dress! It falls and wears in an incredible way. I love everything! Seller very available and precise throughout! Thank you very much!

Wren Stevens
17 of February 2018

Lovely, lovely item. The customer service was amazing, as always, and the quality of the garment is absolutely top-notch. I can't recommend Armstreet enough.

Colleen Schurr
27 of October 2017

Loved this dress. It was absolutely perfect!

Teny Bell
27 of September 2016

This gown is absolutely PERFECT! I couldn't have asked for a better dress. The owner was very nice and worked with me to meet a deadline. There are not enough stars to give to show how much I adore this dress.

25 of March 2016

Beautiful! VERY high quality and stunning details. Seller communicated quickly and well. Will be shopping Armstreet again!

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07 of December 2020

Love everything from ArmStreet’. Hopefully my photo is not too large to send.

07 of December 2020

Love everything from ArmStreet

09 of February 2018

Could the lower half of the sleeve be made flared like your lady of the lake dress, so with the puff on top and flare below?

ArmStreet Team

Hi, Ivory, yes, it is possible.

03 of July 2017

Would you recommend the dark blue with same trim as in the picture with a burgandy bodice or dark blue bodice? 

ArmStreet Team

Hi Danielle, burgundy bodice looks amazing on the dark blue dress. 

03 of July 2017

kinda scared about buying a color I cant view, I really like the red/burgundy color but I cant really picture the whole product in a different color

ArmStreet Team

Hi Danielle, please check this dress in burgundy color here

05 of September 2016

Hey, I was thinking of ordering the "Lost Princess" dress and cloak for my handfasting but the bodice does not seem to come in plus sizes. Do you do plus sizes or can the dress be ordered without the bodice?

ArmStreet team

The bodice can be made in fixed size only, please check our Bodice size chart. The dress can be ordered without the bodice.

Suzanne Shelp
02 of September 2016

Hello, I recently purchased the Lost Princess dress and was looking to purchase one of the bodices to go with it. In your experience of the fabrics would the burgundy bodice go well with the dark blue dress? I really like the burgundy color. The dress is simply perfect by the way, can't wait to wear it! Thank you

ArmStreet team

The Burgundy bodice should look well with Dark blue dress though at the moment we don`t have any photos as an example. Burgundy&Dark blue color combination should look really noble.

03 of June 2016

Hello, is it possible to have the dress in blue but the vest (the top) in red burgundy?

ArmStreet Team

Hi Danika, yes, please simply leave this request to your order. 

01 of June 2016

I love this outfit, but I don't fit your standard bodice sizes. Is there an option to have the bodice made bigger?

ArmStreet Team

Hi Rebecca! This particular vest can be made in fixed sizes only. However, velvet tends to stretch so it might fit you.

robyn pye
25 of May 2016

Hi, Can this dress and vest be made in burgundy/reddish color in velvet? And if so what would the price be?

ArmStreet Team

Hi, yes, you are welcome to order the vest in burgundy velvet here

robyn pye
22 of May 2016

Hi Could this dress and vest be made in red?

ArmStreet Team

Hi, we can make this dress in burgundy cotton with burgundy vest. 

Marion Vaucher
19 of April 2016

What would be the best trim for green?

ArmStreet Team

Hi Marion! Green Sleeves trim will be perfect for the green cotton dress. 

Emliy Wolfe
27 of February 2016

Hi there, I love everything about this dress except for the puff sleeves. Is it possible to get this dress without sleeves? Alternatively can the sleeves be made any other way than with the puff sleeves? If it is possible to order this without sleeves, how much would it cost? Thank you so much! I love all of my lovely items I have bought from you so far. :)

ArmStreet Team

Hi Emliy, this dress cannot be made without sleeves, sorry. We can make the shoulders less puffy though. 

20 of October 2015

Could you tell me if I was to order 'the lost Princess' dress in the green, would the matching Fantasy Bodice be made in green as well?

ArmStreet team

Of course, the bodice can be made in green. When ordering the “Lost Princess” costume as a set, simply mention preferable color for the vest in a comment to your order.

Jacquelyn Bayham
17 of October 2015

is the lady hunter trim compatible with the navy dress at all? i like both the navy look, and the hunter trim, but i am hesitant about joining them together.

ArmStreet team

Yes, dark blue cotton combines well with the Lady Hunter trim - gold, red and green threads on dark background. Here is a swatch of such combination:


07 of August 2015

Does the green dress cotton color match the bottle green velvet vest very well? From the swatches they seem a little off but it's hard to tell! :)

ArmStreet team

Yes, our advice is: the dress in green cotton with green velvet vest and Green Sleeves trim.

Ruby Randall
19 of July 2015

Hi there! I love the blue pomegranate trim but also love the option of the bottle green velvet vest.. which dress color choice do you think might bring the two things together best (other than white)? It's hard to know without seeing the pieces together. Thanks in advance!

ArmStreet team

Our designer considers that the optimal choice of color for this dress is blue. Welcome!

Rachel Schimming
15 of July 2015

Can you tell me how long the sleeves are for this gown? Can they be made longer if desired? Thank you.

ArmStreet team

We calculate the length of the sleeves according to your measurements, so there is no fixed length - it differs from dress to dress. Feel free to add more precise information on that matter at the comment to your order.
Thanks for being interested in our production.

23 of June 2015

Hi there Do you have a bigger sample of the blue pomegranate trim you should show me please? does it appear on any of the clothes on your site for me to see? thanks so much!

ArmStreet team

Here are bigger samples of the blue pomegranate trims. These trims were made for the “Lady of the Lake” set.



01 of June 2015

hello i will shortly be purchasing this amazing costume set stunning i love the blue but iam thinking black dress with the blue trimming would you think black would be awesome color to choose thanks

29 of May 2015

Hi! I just want to know if this dress (only the dress) and the mitains are available in solid black color? From the web, I'm not pretty sure about the colors who are showed... it's not clear. And I also want to know if you can give me your opinion about the trim: I want a black and gold trim... do you have some to put on this dress? And if yes, are you able to sell me something like 5-10 yards of this trim in extra? Thanks a lot! Joelle

ArmStreet team

The dress can be made of black cotton and mittens can be made of black wool - with black or natural color embroidery. The dress can be made with gold Celtic trim (gold pattern on black background).

We can sell up to 5 meters (16.4 ft) of trim maximum. 5 meters of narrow trim (as along the side lacing, about an inch wide) cost $15 extra, wide trim (about two inches wide) - $20 extra.

26 of May 2015

This looks lovely! Since I already own dresses in blue, green and black ~ hopefully the "Lost Princess" will be available in other cotton or linen colors soon enough ... maybe in some darker traveling colors like brown, burgundy, gold, or dark purple?

ArmStreet team

The dress cannot be made in other colors or out of flax linen, sorry. The vest can be made in blue, burgundy, bottle green, violet color.

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