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Bodice “Found Princess”

Elegant period women's velvet bodice

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21 of June 2021

Superb, well-made corset. The waist is impeccable, and it has good support without whalebones, making it very comfortable to wear. Bought it in burgundy red, it goes very well with the linen of the same name. I love it!

Nafsica Ladas
15 of October 2020

This is the most comfortable,beautiful piece of clothing that I have ever owned! Thank you immensely ArmStreet ! Beautiful colour and texture! One question, where do you tie the remaining laces?

ArmStreet Team

Thank you for your feedback! You may cut the laces a little or leave them hanging when the vest is fully laced. 

20 of May 2020

After I liked the "Found Princess" dress, I decided to buy the matching vest. And yes, what can I say, I was blown away as soon as I unpacked it. I love the velvet fabric, the cut, the color. Simply everything. If you have patience, you'll quickly get to grips with the lacing. The vest is also very comfortable to wear.

07 of February 2020

Great corset, very comfortable and easy to wear, I'm thrilled. I received it on time (if not a little faster!) and the finishing touches are done. The advertised size was a good match, the delivery was careful, in short, it's a piece I'd enjoy wearing.

10 of June 2016

Hello, I wore this dress for the Johannine festival in Reims, it's really beautiful! The perfect size, I can only recommend it again!

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Carrie Bierman
26 of August 2021

I have already ordered the found princess dress and I read in the comments that this bodice can only be made in velvet. Would a white velvet ever be an option?

ArmStreet Team

Hello Carrie, it should be actually possible to make of white velvet. Please contact our support team for more info. 

Rachel Thurber
11 of September 2018

hello i was wondering if you are going to be getting this back in green soon?

ArmStreet Team

Hi Rachel, we are happy to inform you that green velvet is back in stock! 

Bethany Foletta
06 of August 2018

Hi, are other colours not available?

ArmStreet Team

Hi, Bethany! Green and blue velvet are back in stock. 

23 of December 2016

Hi, Is this dress historically accurate? Is it medieval or later? Thanks

ArmStreet team

The dress is not historically accurate as we are not re-enactors,  but it refers to Baroque costumes and is our interpretation of a classical "Princess` dress". We tried to combine comfortable and reliable materials with noble Princess look and in our opinion we did quite good :)

30 of August 2016

I am unable to tell on my screen, but is the bodice in the picture brown, or a dark purple?

ArmStreet team

The bodice on the photos is made of Burgundy velvet.

06 of February 2016

Hi. I am wondering if this bodice would go alright with the archeress dress. Many thanks.

ArmStreet team

Technically it will work, but this corset has more elegant look because of the natural velvet. The Archeress dress is closer to the rustic and country styles because of its ethnic trim and short sleeves, we'd recommend to complement it with the suede bodice.

20 of November 2015

Love the crown in the photos, but I'm not able to find it on the site. Will it be available for sale?

ArmStreet team

Exactly, the crown will be available on the site soon, stay tuned!

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