News - Medieval Viking's Canvas Tent

January 17, 2014

Medieval Viking's Canvas Tent

Some time ago we decided to completely re-design our series of medieval camping tents.

We are glad to announce that we found a good manufacturer of reliable and period-looking  natural canvas.  On our special request this manufacturer agreed to leave the fabric in a natural color and produce linen-based waterproof fabric. Thus, from now on, our historical line of tents will be made based on this sturdy and great looking canvas.

Viking's Canvas Medieval Tent

This is classic A-frame Viking's tent. Tent's measurements are:

  • Length/width: 10'x10'
  • Height: 6' 6''
  • Tent weight: 18 kg (39 lbs)

Tent comes w/o wooden frame but it is very easy to make by yourself. We provided detailed instruction how to make it. After tent is assembled, it is easy to relocate it to the right spot which is very convenient in small or crowded medieval camps.

Wooden Frame for Medieval Canvas Viking's Tent

We even created short video which shows how to make a frame and assemble the tent

You are welcome to enjoy our tents back and we hope this on will be popular and useful for your medieval life.

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  • playtents
    11 of September 2021

    Thanks your sharying this informaction i am looking child Tent House ....!

  • playtents
    09 of August 2021

    very interesting shot, Next week we expect a hurricane, so post lovely pictures so I may live through your photos! thanks for your post