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July 20, 2020


Finally the whole family can share the taste for medieval adventures dressed in high quality ArmStreet clothing. This line of children's goods is made of natural fabrics according to elaborate patterns and is tested on our own kids! We are thrilled to introduce the "First Adventure" collection of medieval clothes and accessories for kids – it will match perfectly your own medieval wardrobe in style and colours.

Linen undertunic with overtunic for kids “First Adventure” Linen undertunic with overtunic kids outfit set “First Adventure” Children’s Linen Tunic with Contrasting Border “First Adventure”

Short-sleeved linen tunic with contrasting accents provides you with endless colour combinations to fit your heraldry or the idea of beauty. Slits in front, at the back and at the sleeves give young adventurer all the possible freedom of movement either they need it for a tree-climbing, for quick errands or any other medieval kids' purposes both at events and during themed family activity.

Girl's set: undetunic, sleeveless surcoat and fabric belt "First Adventure" Sleeveless linen dress tunic with trim for kids “First Adventure” Short-sleeved linen dress for kids “First Adventure” girls overtunic with belt Girl’s Tunic Set: underdress, overtunic and belt “First Adventure” for kids

Long flax linen overtunics are finished with trims from our regular materials options. Another great opportunity to match the looks of generations in your family, right? Both versions – sleeveless and with short sleeves – are accompanied with a soft and long belt featuring the same trim.

Kids cotton medieval pants “First Adventure” Kids cotton medieval pants “First Adventure”

Pants are usually the bottleneck of any kids wardrobe. No matter how durable is natural cotton, how well thought-through is the pattern and how reliable is the work of our seamstresses – we strongly encourage you to buy several pairs. Even if your younger one isn't hard on clothes, there is always a tricky nail in the branch, oil on the ground or a snag in the tree.

Kids medieval collection "First Adventure"

As we see nothing wrong in wearing just your medieval underwear during hot summer events, we always make it as pretty and tidy as the outerwear.

Children’s Linen Short Undertunic “First Adventure” Long linen underdress chemise for kids “First Adventure” Long linen underdress chemise for kids “First Adventure” Children’s Linen Short Undertunic “First Adventure”

Our kids' medieval underwear is made of natural flax linen – breathable material with incredible thermal and moisture control properties. The short undertunic has slits in the front and at the back. Both long and short undertunics have underarm gussets and slit with tie at the neckline.

Linen medieval underpants for kids “First Adventure” Linen medieval underpants for kids “First Adventure” Linen medieval underpants for kids “First Adventure”

Whether your child today is calm and meditative, turns handsprings or just wants to conquer the whole world, the first thing in the morning is those adorable linen underpants with fringe.

Cotton cloak with hood for kids “First Adventure”

And for the chilly evening there are cotton capes with or without a hood to your choice. Wide and flying, they turn every kid into a superhero or the lead character of their favourite story.

Cotton Cape for Kids “First Adventure” Cotton cloak with hood for kids “First Adventure” Cotton cloak with hood for kids “First Adventure”

Hide from everyone and from less pleasant dusk weather or gather with your comrades to make plans for another day of adventure – cozy and stylish, the cape is a must-have. During the photo shooting those mysterious cloaks were the most difficult thing to get back from kids. After the axe, of course.

Linen Coif Saint Brigitta’s Cap for Kids “First Adventure” Children’s woolen hood with embroidery “First Adventure” Cotton hood for kids “First Adventure” children’s chaperon Children’s woolen hood with linen lining “First Adventure”

Either the sun is shining bright or the chilly wind blows, we have those heads covered. Linen coif of Saint Brigitta’s Cap style is perfect to keep your hair tidy while it's hot outside. The wide selection of hoods covers all the other weather conditions: there are cotton hoods and lined woolen hoods. We've made the lining go all the way to the edge of the woolen hoods to reduce the chances of natural wool touching this sensitive skin of kid's face. The woolen hood is also available in the embroidered version.

Children's sackcloth linen bag “First Adventure” pilgrim’s satchel Sackcloth linen kids bag with wooden toggle “First Adventure” pouch Kids belt made of embossed leather “First Adventure”

Natural flax linen bags to keep kid's treasures safe and in an easily accessible place are made in two versions: satchel with the flap or simple rectangle bag that is secured with a nice wooden button. And a natural leather belt with the simplest fastening so that every child of any age can cope with it.

Kids' Linen Tunic with Contrasting Border “First Adventure” Kids' Linen Tunic with Contrasting Border “First Adventure” Kids' Linen Tunic with Contrasting Border “First Adventure”

Most of the items in medieval kids' collection by ArmStreet are unisex. Let's give children the real possibility to be whoever they want!

Nothing looks better than a well-put-together, happy family. Let us know how did your kids like their new outfit – we are all agog to know their impressions!

Kids medieval collection "First Adventure"

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