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Roman Helmet “Cassius”

Roman helmet with SCA grill visor

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09 of January 2024

I have received the helm and it looks wonderful. I am unable to pop the springs to take the grill off, but I can easily slip the helm on and off. The chin straps are a bit of a mystery to me as I have never encountered this kind before. When going through SCA armor inspection the helm has to be strapped on such that it can not be knocked off my head if I take a rising spear or sword shot to the grill and it hits the visor. Have not hit in the helm yet as I received it 2 days before I left for a long winter holiday with family. Will try it out in armor later this week. Overall, gorgeous helm and feels solid.

Ben Greenwood
13 of April 2023

I received my helmet February 2023, and have been using it in practices twice a week for over two months. These are my thoughts on the helmet so far. Overall: The helmet is comfortable and looks great, but it will need significant work to make it more durable if you fight in it frequently. If you get it with padding, it'll be riveted in place so you can't clean or replace it easily. I bought the helmet on sale so I feel I got my money's worth, but Armstreet needs to make the hinges and visor stronger for this to become a five-star helmet. The Good: The helmet looks great! It looks as good in person as it does in the promotional photos, and I have gotten lots of complements on it. Manufacturing and shipping were incredibly fast too, it only took one month from placing the order to having the helmet in hand. The helmet fit well right out of the box, I was worried about ordering a helmet using just one measurement, but I made sure I got an accurate measurement using a fabric measuring tape and another person, and it turned out fine. I'm able to quickly slip the helmet on and off, and it fits snugly, with the chin straps being almost unneeded. The padding and straps were pre-installed (this is optional), so it was also battle-ready right out of the box. I like the perforated ear openings, they help a lot with being able to hear while wearing it, and massively cut down on the noise when the helmet is hit on the side. I also like the extra protection for the back of the neck, and that all rivets on the inside of the helmet were covered. The Bad: The metal for the cheek hinges is MUCH too thin! After two months, all the hinge knuckles were pulling apart, and one had broken completely. I ended up having to drilling out four rivets to completely replace the broken hinge, and I'll have to do the same to the other side in the near future. This is my biggest complaint about the helmet, as it becomes a safety issue over time. Armstreet: you need to switch to a stronger hinge! The visor is also too wide, it has become bent way down from blows. This is a cosmetic issue, but it does look goofy when the visor is bent asymmetrically, and makes the grille even harder to get on or off. I think I will have to eventually cut the visor down, or remove it entirely. If the helmet is redesigned, the visor should be made shorter and with thicker metal. The Meh: The removable grille is difficult to get on or off, don't expect to be taking it off to get a drink of water while fighting, but it is nice to be able to remove it for photos. The padding and strapping are all riveted to the helmet, so if you want to replace them or clean them, you'll either need to replace structural rivets, or cut them out and leave scraps around the rivets. Order the helmet without padding if this is a concern for you. The springs for the push-buttons for the grille are old band-saw blades. It's functional and covered with padding, but it makes me question the overall quality.

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