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Medieval Warrior Tunic

Eastern European men's tunic

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08 of January 2024

The buttons came off the right cuff the first time I wore it. I was sitting in the audience at a RenFest, and one plopped in my lap. I washed it after wearing it (as it was 100F that day) and when it came out of the wash the other button was gone. Thankfully, it came with an extra button, so I was able to sew the replacement on, but I would have liked not to have to use the extra button within days of receiving the item. Other wise, I love it and am so excited finally to have it. I am eagerly looking for reasons to wear it.

04 of January 2024

Lovely tunic in perfect condition on arrival. The neck was a little taller than I had expected for my somewhat squat frame, but otherwise love it. The transport dragons were right on time for my next adventure, which was much appreciated.

10 of September 2023

The tunic is absolutely GORGEOUS, sadly, the sizing is... real weird. I ordered the small, and it is the right size across the chest, but it seems like nothing else was adjusted to be a small. It's nearly ankle length on me, which is silly but i could hem, but unfortunately, the sleeves are also clearly made to fit someone of -at minimum- 6 feet in height (and even that would still have quite a bit of billowing, I compared it to my much larger partner's blousy shirt sleeves). It's not really worth the international shipping back and forth, so I'm just gonna keep my eyes open for a very lucky, very lanky teen, who can perhaps fit into this long, thin, garment, and I'll pass it off to them, but I am sad not to be able to wear it myself.

13 of April 2023

Shirt is very late with no communication on anything causing delays. I accounted for the full amount of 79 days wait time and even had an additional week of buffer just in case, but estimated arrival is going to be 5 days late.

ArmStreet Team

Dear Silver, we are located in Ukraine and manufacturing process can be delayed because of the WAR here. Moreover, post service frequently delays the delivery and there is no way for us to influence their job, unfortunately. Estimated time on the website is not precise and we do state in every listing that you can let us know if you need the order by some specific time so we could do everything possible that depends on us under these circumstances. 

16 of November 2022

The stitching, material, and metallic embroidery are beautiful and authentic eastern medieval apparel. Large fit me perfectly at 6 feet tall.

14 of October 2022

I purchased this tunic in the maroon color and it looks fantastic! I paired it with the navy blue Eastern European Overcoat for a unique look.

21 of April 2022

The quality and look are outstanding, my only point of contention is the line about 'great in the summer' clearly they do not know what summers are like in Texas. LOL I wore this to a fest in october and about died. :( Would have left a sharp dressed corpse for sure tho!

David St-Hilaire
21 of March 2022

The tunic a bough, the Eastern European Warrior, is of excellent quality, the stitches are very well made and the tissue is light. My measurements landed me between small and medium size, I chosed the medium one and it fits me perfectly. So if you are in doubts, take a larger one. It doesn't get in the way when moving, I'm thinking in therm of LARP fighting, and shouldn't become too warm in the summer. The details are on point and the colors are pretty much what you see on the picture (at least for the black with silver lining).

11 of March 2022

Very happy with this tunic! The quality of the fabric, the stitching, the embroidery, everything is great! And the fit is perfect too. As a fit, 6' guy, I hate baggy shirts, and this tunic shows off my figure well. Paired it with an Armstreet belt, and the look is perfect!

Chris P Spade
24 of November 2021

Just incredible. Love the fit and finish. So happy

Gail McHugh
24 of October 2021

Very handsome, well-made tunic. Nice fabric and workmanship. A bit blousier than we expected (wider skirt) but looked very nice at our wedding. It looked better unbelted in this case.

19 of May 2020

I bought this in a fixed size as a 5'2 woman: it fits like a dress, like I expected. I am also overweight, and it is very flattering. I believe pairing it with a belt or a corset will give it an optimal look. I do find it to be a bit see-through, so I will get a t-shirt or camisole to wear underneath (as well as leggings or pants). I am very, very happy with my purchase!

Wilk and Dorota
15 of May 2020

High-quality breathing material, great shape elegant tunic with beautiful heavy buttons. Recommend it fully!

12 of May 2020

Our wedding party and my husband were dressed entirely in armstreets attire for our renaissance wedding. The order was customized per individual, quick and consistent communication on the order progress and timely delivery. We were very impressed! We even came back and ordered a junior bridesmaid dress as well last minute and they had it here fast! Highly recommend!!

23 of February 2020

Definitely would recommend this shirt! The flax linen is soft and breathable, and not too transparent. The trim is well done and matches the trim on other available garments, which has helped me make a nice matching set of clothing. The fit is great, trim-fitting through the chest and shoulders while still maintaining a nice historical length and billowy sleeves.

30 of August 2019

Real nice material, very comfy and fit real well. Unfortunate that 2 of the cuff buttons fell off the first day I wore it

ArmStreet Team

Dear John, thank you for your feedback and sorry for the buttons. Please contact our support team with your order number and we will send you couple of new buttons to fix the cuffs. 

04 of July 2019

Good if you are 6ft tall. Not so much for me unfortunately. Nicely made. Sleeves very puffy and cuffs and collar Are 4 inches high. Good material and we'll made.

24 of June 2018

Got this in mail, After ordering on some cheap sites and getting a package that was nothing like I ordered I was skeptical but this turned out Exactly as ordered. The material was high quality and fit perfectly. Thanks for following through!

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Steven Weier
16 of February 2020

Do you have an option for a custom make for this shirt?

ArmStreet Team

Hi Steven, this tunic can be made in fixed sizes only.

17 of December 2019

Quick question, the trim part, is that only done on black fabric or will it change to match the fabric it is on?

ArmStreet Team

Hi Lauren, the trim has black background. 

27 of March 2019

What are the women’s sizes? Maybe I missed it. Thank you.

ArmStreet Team

Dear Patricia, it is a men's tunic, but it can be made for a woman in custom size. Please simply select custom size option for the tunic and leave a comment to your order that tunic should be made for a woman. 

02 of January 2019

I absolutely love this tunic, I own several in various colors (it's perfect for my Moroccan persona). I do have occasion for a very specific look - what are the odds of this ever being available in purple?

ArmStreet Team

Hi Eric! We can make it in violet or burgundy linen for you (these colors are available for custom size tunic). We do not have purple linen, unfortunately. 

19 of December 2018

What belt is the gentleman wearing in the second photo (man facing forward looking off to the left)? Do you sell this belt?

ArmStreet Team

Hi Brendan! Yes, the belt is available here

06 of October 2017

I was wondering what belt he is using in the picture?

ArmStreet Team

Hi, the model is wearing Knight of the West belt. 

27 of June 2017

Hi I am 6'4" and am afraid I might exceed the sizes for your XL shirt. I am role playing an Eastern European based Culture and would love to use your products for this.

ArmStreet Team

Hi Derek, please simply select custom size option for the tunic and it will fit perfectly. 

Jude Drake
15 of June 2017

Hello, is it possible to get this tunic with a dark bronze trim and maybe see the other trim designs if they exist ? If not, is it possible to get this tunic without the trim ? Thank you

ArmStreet Team

Dear Jude, please check all our trims and let us know which one you like. 

30 of November 2016

Hello, I am having an elven-ish wedding dress ordered from another tailor, but my husband will be ordering from your lovely company for his outfit. I would like the other dressmaker to match the gold trim of this particular tunic. Is it possible I could have a larger picture of it to send to my dressmaker?

ArmStreet team

Here's the bigger picture of the trim. Also, we can add up to 5m of the trim for $5.00 per a meter to your order if needed, just email us at


tomas de smet
27 of July 2016

hello are there any other colors available for the eastern ueropean warriors' tunic? or is it only in black? friendly regards tomas

ArmStreet team

The tunic in fixed size is available in black color only. You can always order custom size tunic, just switch to the "Custom size" tab, choose the color and the trim and enter your measurements.

Jesse Eriksen
22 of July 2016

hi there i was looking at one of your mens tunics. it says your out of a large but thats the one im needing. can i do the custom size section and just write in the measurements for the large?

ArmStreet team

Yes, you can switch to the "Custom size" tab and then enter your measurements. This way the tunic will be made specially for you according to your measurements and will fit you in a best way.

26 of April 2016

Is it possible to make it bit shorter than knee length?

ArmStreet Team

Hi Jagoda, yes it is possible for the custom size tunic. 

01 of September 2015

Hi guys, we are a group and we need 4 of this dress in 4 different colours, is it possible? And do you make a combined shipping? Thank you for your answer...

ArmStreet team

This tunic can be made to order in 12 different colors. To place your order, switch to the "Custom size" tab in the description of the tunic, click "Add to cart", then "Go to cart". Please tick the preferred color of the tunic and trim, then fill in your measurements in the order form and click "Checkout".

Yes, we do offer combined shipping - delivery of each subsequent item in your cart costs less. To estimate the postage, simply add your items to cart, and shipping charges will be combined automatically.

06 of April 2015

What is your return policy? and Are your costumes in american sizes or european? Do they run large or small? I'm buying this as a gift and I know the dress size, I just need to know if I should try to do a custom size or if an off the rack size would be suitable. Thank you RC

ArmStreet team

Return policy is detailed in Terms & Conditions. Our clothing fits true to size. Once you know the body measurements, consult the Size chart to determine which size you should purchase. Please note that men's fixed size items are made for full height 5' 10" – 5' 11" (178–180 cm), should fit fine to the growth 5' 9" – 6' 0" (175–183 cm).

Anna B
01 of January 2015

I really love the look of this tunic as well as a few other items in the mens department. So my question is this, can these be made for women through the custom order system? Just curious.

ArmStreet team

Men's tunics can be made for women, just add a comment to your order. But please note that the cut of the men's items is different, for example, the waist is not emphasized (tunics are intended to be worn with a belt).

Karen Fry
29 of October 2014

Hello! What are the washing & care instructions for the Flax mens tunics? Can they be dry cleaned?...hand washed? ironed?

ArmStreet team

They are machine washable. Use 40°C (104°F) water for wash in gentle mode. To prevent tarnish an alkaline solution or color safe laundry detergent should be be used. Extraction (spinning) in delicate mode to simplify the ironing. Please don't use hot drying and do not pre-soak linen clothes.

Sophie Melchior
22 of October 2014

Hi, Is it possible to get this tunic with a gold and green trim? Sophie

ArmStreet team

Yes, can be made with narrow green-gold Celtic trim for $10 extra; simply add a comment to your order.

25 of March 2014

Could one of your mens tunics be customed to fit a womans body?

ArmStreet Team

Hi Sophia, yes, of course. Pease simply select custom size for the tunic you like and leave a comment to your order that is should be made for a woman. 

Geof Davis
27 of May 2011

Hello, Is it possible to get the bottom edge of the tunic trimmed as well? Thanks

ArmStreet Team

Hi Geof, it can be trimmed with narrow trim for $40 extra but it won't look good, unfortunately. 

Dan Thomas
17 of January 2010

Can you make this in green?

ArmStreet Team

Hi Dan, yes, please simply select custom size option for the tunic and select any color you like.

17 of November 2009

Hey. Is it possible to get a cheap cape which can be used together with the "MEDIEVAL EASTERN EUROPE NOBLE WARRIOR TUNIC "?

ArmStreet Team

Hi Alexander, how about On Watch cloak

Bélver Cáceres
30 of September 2009

A great aparance cloth! I can´t wait to get it and use in our rol games!

teresa byer
20 of October 2008

Do you sale the belt that he is wearing with this tunic? Thanks, Teri

ArmStreet team

Yes, it's here. You're welcome!

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