Coat “Blackbird”

Long woolen women's coat

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17 of April 2019

Would it be possible to have this made in grey wool?

ArmStreet Team

Hi Felspar, yes grey wool is now added to the color options. 

05 of January 2017

Im wondering if i could get a custom order of this without the embroidery?

ArmStreet team

The coat can be made with no embroidery, it will be $35.00 less than. Please email us at if you're interested in getting the discount.

02 of December 2016

just wondering if there is a gap down the middle where the buttons fasten, is there a placket running behind the length of the buttons or would you see the color of the dress/shirt you have on underneath?

ArmStreet team

There is a placket behind the clasps, so the dress under the coat won`t be visible.

17 of November 2015

Can I use is a winter coat to me warm in..or is just for show and not meant for long walks in the snow?

ArmStreet team

Actually it feels like a demi-season coat. Our customers wear it without any other warm clothing in fall and spring, but you need to add one more layer of warm clothes underneath in winter.

07 of September 2015

Is this coat made a little longer than what would be the customers natural height, so that it is taken into consideration that most winter shoes are at least an inch tall?

ArmStreet team

Of course the coat can be made longer, please specify the desired length of the coat in a comment to your order.

22 of July 2015

Is it possible to have this dress customized with fur trim?

ArmStreet team

Yes, the collar and sleeves can be trimmed with natural fur for some extra. Please email us at for more details.

12 of June 2015

hello i have sent you a photo of me in the stunning blackbird coat. stunning celtic design excellent work i wear this often as its great also in cold wheather. i get so many compliments as always everyday when iam out. absoutley beautiful thankyou as always one happy loyal customer


ArmStreet team

Thank you so much for taking the time to share your experience, Avalyen! We do appreciate your feedbacks!

10 of March 2015

hello has this coat been permanently discontinued in the purple if so the coat in blue sounds good will it still have the leaf like buttons? and does it have the feathers on the neck like in the picture

ArmStreet team

Purple wool is temporarily unavailable, sorry.
The coat comes without feathers.

09 of September 2014

hello i love this coat so warm and perfect fit and design. wearing it right now. love the design on it thankyou

ArmStreet team

Thank you for review!

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