Renaissance Vest “Chevalier”

Medieval noble men's woolen vest

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Bridget Phillips
21 of March 2019

Hi, I'm having my wedding in August and i want the groomsmen to ware this but wool will be to hot, can it be made of cotton?

ArmStreet Team

Hi Bridget, unfortunately, this vest cannot be made of cotton, sorry. 

30 of April 2017

Hi, I don't see a measurement for the length of the torso for this vest. We are considering these for our groomsmen. Most are tall with larger torsos. We would like to make sure they are long enough. Can we request them a bit longer or also include the collar to waist measurement with our order?

ArmStreet team

You can add the additional measurements in the comments to your order and we`ll consider them while manufacturing.

Andrew Harnack
15 of April 2017

Good afternoon. I was wondering if you charged extra for making sizes XL and above. Thank you and have a pleasant day. Very Respectfully, Andrew

ArmStreet team

This model is available in custom size only, which means it is made according to a customer`s actual measurements. Please let us know your full height, chest, waist and biceps measurements and we`ll check if we can accommodate your size.

15 of July 2016

Excuse me , could this vest be made without decorated roll edges , and V-shape neckline? I prefer this type of vest , but it's not available now:

ArmStreet team

We can make the Renaissance Medieval Vest in Wool for you. Please specify which color of the wool you would like to have. The price of the Vest will be $89.00 + $32.00 for shipping.

23 of November 2015

Is there a way to see the vest without the shirt collar covering it? Or at least a description? Thanks.

ArmStreet team

This vest has a V-shape neckline, unfortunately there are no pictures without the shirt collar, sorry.

27 of October 2015

Is it possible to have it made in a royal purple colour? If so, would it cost extra?

ArmStreet team

We don't have any royal purple wool, sorry. The vest can be made of red, black, dark blue wool.

20 of January 2015

Can this be made in brown natural suede with front lacing to match the Archeress ?

ArmStreet team

Front lacing - yes, please mention this in comments, no extra.

This vest cannot be made of natural suede, sorry.

James Roberts
09 of January 2015

would this be possible to get this item as a floor length item?

ArmStreet team

Nope, the vest cannot be made floor-length, sorry.

Tyrone Greene
20 of January 2014

Excellent service and product is extremely well. A pleasure to deal with.

ArmStreet team

Thank you, Tyrone! Always welcome back to ArmStreet!

Wade Lynch
19 of January 2001

The vest is beautiful crafted very well and fits perfectly Got here quick! Thanks!

ArmStreet team

Thank you, Wade!

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