An opulent, powerful collection with etched blackened brass and stainless steel, fit for a winged Hussar.

Imagine this: You’re sitting, waiting for your enemy. The air is still and everyone around you is quiet, and the only thing you can hear is the heavy breaths of anticipation coming from your battlefield comrades as you await your foe. Suddenly, the silence is shaken apart by the rumble of countless thunderous hooves, as winged horses come over the hill like a wave of deadly angels. As they draw nearer you realise that it isn't the horses who have wings, but the armored men riding them. That is the last thing you see before you die.

It is difficult not to be inspired by the Polish Hussars - not only were they renowned for their amazing fighting ability and swashbuckling charm, but they also had the confidence to strap massive wooden frames covered with feathers to their backs, and ride into battle wearing wings! It’s no secret that we love Eastern-style armor - we are an Eastern European company and are very proud of our heritage. We take great joy in researching the history of our neighbouring countries, and discovering more about the people and events that have made them the places they are today. Hussars have been on our list for a long time, so we are quite pleased to present to you a set of armor that any winged Hussar would be proud to wear.

Flexibility and manoeuvrability were the first things on our list with this collection - we wanted to make sure it was nice and functional. Once we mastered that aspect, we turned to trying to make it as aesthetically opulent as possible while still keeping it classy and refined. Shiny stainless steel is combined with etched brass borders that have been blackened, creating a look that we think will make you feel powerful and respected. The collection includes a helmet, bazubands, pauldrons, gorget, legs, boots, zupan, and some jewellery such as rings and fibulas.

Who were the hussars?

The Hussars were a group of cavalry fighters, originating in Eastern European countries such as Poland and Hungary in the 15th-16th centuries. You may be familiar with the winged hussars, one of the most famous groups that is still talked about today.

Discover an amazing part of history

We often talk about knights in shining armor and the heroes of Western society such as Edward The Black Prince and Joan of Arc. While the style of armor worn by these people is beautiful and interesting, there is also a whole history of Eastern style armor and medieval traditions that are just as interesting and fantastic as their western counterparts. As an Eastern European company, we take great pride in spreading knowledge about these parts of history and love sharing it.


What armor did winged hussars use?

The Polish winged hussars were known to wear less armor than those from other nations, leaning towards more flexible, easy to move in styles to ensure they remained mobile and fighting fit.

Feel the power of winged hussar armor!

Do you want to feel as amazing as the Hussars did, charging into battle? Well, we can’t help you with the wings, but we sure can point you in the right direction to get your armor collection started. We usually recommend picking out a winged hussar helmet, as protecting your head is the most important aspect. After all - you can live without an arm, but you can’t live without a head! Once you have your helmet sorted out, you can start looking at what you want to wear to protect the rest of your limbs. We recommend:

  • Spaulder and gorget
  • Bazubands or arm harness
  • Plate legs or cuisses
  • Chest armor such as a hussar cuirass

Was there a Polish Hussar uniform?

Absolutely! Many different types of Hussar had uniforms that were all interesting and fashionable in their own way. Hussars had a reputation for being a little bit charming, so having a set style of dressing played to their advantage and image. Usually they could be seen wearing matching coats and hats, along with those glorious wings! If you are putting together a LARP or reenactment group of Hussars, we recommend working together to have matching clothing.

What did hussars wear?

Hussars from different regions had different styles of dress. They were often quite fashionable and on-trend with their clothing, coming across as quite dashing. When it comes to military clothing, it was most common for a Hussar to wear a szyszak helmet as well as other steel armor, such as arm bracers or bazubands.

Put together your new Polish hussar costume

So, what are you waiting for? Are you ready to do more research and jump into this amazing and interesting world? There is so much history and so many great stories to discover, so you’ll have lots of material to draw from. Another good place to start if you are putting together a costume is to get some Polish hussar boots, which were quite unique in style and made from red leather. Don’t forget about the finishing touches as well - weapons were important, too! To really get the right look, go for a winged hussar sabre.

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