News - Halberdiers Armor “Hound Of War”

December 15, 2016

Halberdiers Armor Kit “Hound Of War”

Let us open our series dedicated to the Hundred Years War with this historically accurate set of armor for halberdier. What is essential in times of endless war? Durable yet comfortable set of armor that doesn't hinder your movements and doesn't cost a fortune. The combination of brigandine with splinted limbs protection proved to be matching these criteria and had the call since the 14th century and until the end of armor era due to the development of firearms.

Halberdiers Armor Kit “Hound Of War”

If you don't have spare hands to carry a shield (and as an halberdier, you definitely don't), your body armor should provide really impressive protection. Synergy of 400 stainless scales and chain mail rings, over 1000 brass rivets and reliable woolen fabric is exactly what you're looking for in such circumstances.

Medieval Brigandine “Hound Of War”

The cabasset has been developed during the Hundred Years' War as an affordable to most soldiers helmet. It provides perfect visibility and has elaborate design which guarantees reliable protection when realized in 2 mm stainless steel and accompanied with the matching bevor.

Cabasset Helmet “Hound Of War”

Limbs protection provides you with variety of choices depending on your mood and activities scheduled – either you are having a promenade at a Renaissance Fair, conquering all the neighbour kingdoms or defending the honour at the Battle of the Nations.

Splinted Legs Harness “Hound Of War”

Both arms and legs are separable and each part can be used apart: splinted rerebraces, splinted bracers, half-closed stainless elbow couters, splinted cuisses, shaped leather greaves and knee poleyns.

Splinted Arm Harness “Hound Of War”

See all the items available from this set here.

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