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February 11, 2016

Cool new decorative weapons products

After we unveiled our “Viking” collection, we received a huge amount of comments, requests, offers and threats from our customers asking us to list battle axes we made for it for sale.

This way we figured out that our decorative appearance armour is highly wanted and decided to make more than one or two pieces and started a new line of products instead.

Etched Vikings Axe Large

So now you can buy two different Viking axe heads, several spearheads — both Old Norse style and fantasy one, and a halberd head which is a part of our “Knight of Fortune” collection

Etched Halberd Weapon

All our weapon is strictly decorative and can be used as appearance pieces only, it's made of stainless steel and decorated with etched ornaments, but it looks really natural and cool and  will be a great part of your ancient or fantasy garb or armor.

Enjoy it!

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