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Timeless Middle Ages Leather Bag

Belt pouch with inner pouchlets

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Lady Michelle
19 of April 2023

The leather printing on this is insanely gorgeous! I'm almost afraid to take it out if I'm not armed with a sword. These pieces are worth every penny.

01 of November 2020
Great design, the small pockets outside the main bag I use for small objects like a firesteel and a paternoster, along with an armstreet belt and some other accessories it's part of my main kit.
12 of May 2020

I ordered this a year and a half ago and after testing it out for five days (I'd decided to give it a week but gave up after five days) I've never taken it out of my leather gear box again. This is a pretty object and probably works half decently as a photo prop/ accessory only, especially on a large man with no hips to speak of but I can in all honesty not call it a functional bag, that's how bad the technical aspects of the design are. Armstreet, what were you thinking when you decided on THAT lacing set up and cut with no fullness at all towards the bottom for the suede pockets!? And the way the entire bag just scrunches up when hanging it on the waist of anyone with even slight curvature to the hip region is just... no. As a last little side detail: what's up with those little corners at the ends of the flap stitching? The only purpose they seemed to serve was to snag on things and start curling; I think it was on day three or so I decided to just trim them off... This was not one of your highlights, Armstreet

ArmStreet team

That's valuable feedback and we will discuss this design again with our team. We are not completely sure it's universal, I mean this bag is based on a very popular historical pattern so it might be it's not just something for you, but we would like to know better about what happened, so if you can send us a picture that would be great

If this is a general question we may post it on the page to help other customers, otherwise we will just answer you by email

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05 of September 2019

Was wondering what the inside looks like? I am assuming it is the same as the “hound of war” kidney bag but with sone difference? Thank you :)

ArmStreet Team

Hi Robbie, it is the same as Hound of War bag.