Gothic Knight Finger Gauntlets

Articulated finger protection for combat

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Alex Galeote
14 of January 2020

Hello, very interested in ordering these gauntlets, for the measurements; should I measure the circumference of the wrist wearing a gambeson and perhaps the arm armour I plan to wear or simply measure my wrist circumference wearing no padding underneath?

ArmStreet Team

Hi Alex, please measure the wirst circumference over the padding and armor so we could make sure the gauntlets will fit. 

Robert Alger
15 of August 2019

I measured my hand per your chart but when I received them I could barely get my hand in them a little larger glove would have made a big difference

ArmStreet Team

Dear Robert, we are sorry to hear about the misfit. Kindly contact our support team with the order number so we could solve this issue. 

22 of February 2019

Good evening! I was wondering if this came already attached to the inner glove or if that was a seperate thing all together? And if so could the color of the glove be negotiable?

ArmStreet Team

Hi Tyler, yes the inner glove is attached and glove color can be changed. Please check all glove colors available here