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“Errant Squire II” Cuirass

Articulated chest and back protection

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08 of January 2024

My errant squire cuirass has been an excellent part of my entirely Armstreet full harness for 2 year now. Armstreet continues to have great communication and quality for the cost in my opinion. I appreciate that the waist tailoring of the armor takes some weight off my shoulders. The separate upper cuirass and lower plackart greatly helps with mobility and balance. The workmanship is high quality from the rope boarder, to add to the look but also act as a small stopgap for thrusts, to the brass belt loops which add some character. It integrated fine with other armor and arming jacket elements I had already. This is a great value item because it actually work well, made specifically for you, but you also are not paying for the fancier fluting and brass etc. If I had one upgrade/change it would be to add a belt option to secure the upper and lower sections as was sometimes done historically. Stainless steel is a good low maintenance option for those accepting of those tradeoffs. 5/5 Best wishes in 2024 Armstreet and Ukraine

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12 of September 2020

Can this be made in mild steel at 1.5 mm thickness?

ArmStreet Team

Yes, it is possible. Please simply leave this request in the comment section to your order. 

30 of November 2019

Is it possible to get some brass etching on it, if so how much will it cost?

ArmStreet Team

Kindly specify your question. Do you mean brass edges?