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Armor Helmet Visored Barbuta

Combat barbuta helm with Visor

Standard shipping: $86.00
Standard shipping time:23-28 Days
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Express shipping time: 10-14 Days
Manufacturing time: 28-42 Days
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15 of June 2023

I'm extremely happy with the helmet I received. It looks amazing and functions great.

Richard Lange
30 of December 2022

Marvelous craftsmanship, and fit and finish! The helmet lining and padding are very comfortable, and fit well. I do wish the visor were removable, rather than just raise up. Their customer service is friendly and helpful. I highly recommend Armstreet, not only for this helmet, but other items as well!

13 of May 2021

Great service, customized this already excellent helmet for me. It turned out great!

Robert Holmes
21 of July 2018

It looks slightly big on my head, but it is a great looking helm and is stainless steel, so I don't have to worry much about rust. Very solid and well-padded. Great addition to my armory.

If this is a general question we may post it on the page to help other customers, otherwise we will just answer you by email

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09 of November 2019

How is the visor removable? It looks like it is peen riveted to the helmet base

ArmStreet Team

Hi Mitchell, yes it is riveted on the pictures, but we can make it removable upon request. 

08 of September 2019

Is it possible to request a version for LARP where the eye slit is bigger and there are the same number of venting holes on both sides?

ArmStreet Team

Hi Mara, yes it is possible. Please simply select custom size option for the helmet and leave this request in the comment section at the checkout. 

Michael S
16 of August 2019

Is it possible to have this etched to match your paladin armour kit?

ArmStreet Team

Hi Michael, yes it is possible. Please contact our support team for the price. 

13 of March 2019

Is it possible to get a 12ga version with a grated fencing shield on the eyes for legal thrusting in HEMA?

ArmStreet Team

Hi Daniel, yes we can make it in 12 ga steel. We can add eye protection on the eyeslits but we will need the exact measurements and requirements for it. 

21 of March 2018

Does this come with the liner or do I have to purchase that separately? And how should I measure my head to allow for the dense padding if I don't have anything like that yet?

ArmStreet Team

Hi Jared, padding is included. Please simply send us your head circumference measured along eyebrows. 

14 of December 2017

Would it be possible to change the shape of the eye-slits on the helmet, and if so, how much more would such an alteration cost? Thanks in advance.

ArmStreet Team

Dear Graeme, yes it is possible. Kindly contact our support team with the picture of the visor you would like to have so we could calculate the price for customization. 

08 of November 2017

Would it be possible to get this visor on a bascinet? Thanks!


Yes, it can be possible, please contact us at contact@armstreet.com to order. 

Hugh R
29 of October 2017

Hi, is it possible to get this without the visor and visor pin? If so, how much cheaper would this be?

ArmStreet Team

Dear Hugh, yes it is possible. Please contact our support team for the price. 

19 of October 2017

Could it be possible to make some major modifications to the helmet design? I really like the general design, but am turned off by a couple of the features. I'd like to to look more like this if possible.


It could be possible, please contact us at contact@armstreet.com to get more info. 

James de Bacqua
27 of September 2017

Can this be acid etched to match your paladin line?

ArmStreet Team

Hi James, yes it is possible. Please contact our support team for the price. 

Nathanael Rouillard
29 of August 2017

Is there a version of this without the visor? If not, is it possible to remove the piece that the visor attaches to? I like the shape of the helmet, but don't want a visor, and the hinge would spoil the look

ArmStreet Team

Hi Nathanael, sure, we can make it without the visor and hinge for you.

Rex Burton
17 of November 2016

Would it be possible to customize it to for consumers with glasses?

ArmStreet team

According to the SCA rules, ordinary glass lenses are prohibited. We recommend replacing them with contact lenses, or wearing motorcycle goggles over the glasses. Then measure your head 1. as usual, along the eyebrows and 2. along the most exposed points of the goggles. Also please mention this detail in the comments to your order and we`ll
make the helmet considering that you`ll be wearing glasses.

22 of August 2013

Could you guys do the acid etching on the visor portion of this helm ? Also can you do custom acid etching ?

ArmStreet team

For custom etching, please contact us at contact@armstreet.com.

13 of April 2013

Firstly ... The model on your pictures is it the "mirror polish" or "satin polish" ? Secondly ... is it the stainless version or not, and if it is, the "mirror / satin polish" choice is it still to do ? Finally ... the stainless version is it 2mm thickness (12 gauge) steel as the classic version, and is it as solid and sturdy ?

ArmStreet team

The helmet from photos has mirror polish.
Stainless helmet can be mirror or satin polished as well.
Can be made of 14 ga (2 mm) steel, which is sturdy and reliable; we don't use 12 ga (2.5 mm) steel, sorry.

McCleary Searles
25 of August 2012

Would it be possible to have the chinstrap strap on the chin, keeping the helmet in place? ALSO, would it be possible to have a strap attached to the visor, going around the back of the helmet to keep the visor in place for SCA legal combat?

ArmStreet team

Chin strap is included.
Visor strap around helmet - extra $15.

22 of March 2012

Damn this is an awesome helmet, but the price.. THE PRICE!!

ArmStreet team

It's really awesome helm!

Nicolas Freeland
19 of January 2012

Can you make this helm blackened or blued? Or is it satin or polished only? Thanks.

ArmStreet team

To date we don't make blackening and blueing.

dave kershaw
16 of December 2011

hi, do you sell the visor to this helmet separate?? if so how much for sending it to england

ArmStreet team

Technically this is possible, but we can't guarantee that the visor which is made remotely will work with your helmet.

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