Archer Quiver “Lady Warrior”

Leather quiver with etched steel accents

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24 of September 2016

I'm looking to set myself up as an Archer class in a LARP game called Amtgard. I like the design of this quiver, but am concerned that the mouth may not be large enough to accommodate Amtgard legal arrows. I think I read somewhere that you can adjust the circumference. Is this true? And if so does it come with an additional cost? Amtgard arrows have to have at least 2" of padding protecting the end of the shaft, most people use small Nerf or foam balls to serve this purpose, and I would like to be able to carry at least 10 arrows onto the field with me.

ArmStreet team

Yes, please take all the arrows together and measure them around at the widest part to get the approximate inner circumference of the quiver. The best would be if you could take a photo with the tape measure attached. This way we`ll better understand the size you need.

Nigel Lucas McBain
24 of December 2014

I love your site and your products. I am a conductor and I would really love a custom made leather case for my batons. Would such a thing be possible and approximately how much would it cost to make?

ArmStreet team

Thank you! Please send the details of your project to

21 of January 2012

Oh yeah, fablouus stuff there you!

ArmStreet team

Thank you, Nelda!