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Viking Shield Boss “Wolves”

Stainless shield boss with brass ring

Standard shipping: $36.00
Standard shipping time:23-28 Days
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Express shipping time: 10-14 Days
Manufacturing time: 18-24 Days
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21 of March 2023

Beautiful Bosses . Delivered in a timely fashion These bosses will All be used in Live combat. We will look Great. Fighting !!! Thank you

25 of January 2023

Beautiful shield boss. My plan is to mount it on a shield and hang it on the wall. I just need to build the shield! Slava Ukraine!

27 of January 2020

Absolutely beautiful piece of craftsmanship! I will be hard-pressed to have the artwork for my shield live up to the standard you have set with this gorgeous piece of art!!

Alexander Kovach
22 of October 2019

Amazing! Beautiful hard work! Just WOW! Thank you a lot!!!

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19 of March 2023

What size shield will this fit? Do I need special tools to mount it?

ArmStreet Team

The size of the shield does not matter. Yes, you need to rivet the boss to the shield. Here are the dimentions of the boss:

Plate diameter: 9 1/2 inches (24 cm);

Sphere (fist bulb) diameter: 5 1/2 inches (14 cm).

Charlie Mattson
24 of February 2020

Sorry I'm looking to add this peice to my set does anyone know how to don a buckler

ArmStreet Team

Hi Charlie, the buckler should be riveted to the shield. 

Michael Miller
23 of November 2017

I was wondering why the standard shipping on this is $38? Isn't it shipped from within the US?


Hi Michael! The product is shipped from Ukraine. The shipping cost depends on the weight of the package which is 1.5 kg in this case. 

20 of September 2017

Hello! Tell me, do you deliver to Russia?


Hi Agnia! Yes, we ship to Russia

15 of January 2016

Could you kindly tell me what is the approximate weight of the wolf boss?

ArmStreet team

Weight of the boss is about 1.1 kg or 2.4 lb.

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