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Knight Medieval Shoes Boots

Medieval XIV century style leather boots

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This item is part of the “The King's Guard” collection

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18 of May 2017

Hello, is it possible to order these in brown or dark brown leather? Thank you.

ArmStreet Team

Hi Preben, these boots can be purchased in black or light brown leather only, unfortunately.

Andrew McCulloch
14 of April 2017

Is it possible to make sizes larger than mens 13?

ArmStreet team

It might be possible but needs to be discussed with our shoemaker. Please let us know the following measurements: foot length, foot circumference, instep, heel, ankle, calf. Use our measurements guide to avoid mistakes.
Also, it would be just great if you could take pictures while measuring, so we could see your feet and check if the measurements are taken properly.

Syafiqah Sani
24 of December 2014

Greetings! I was just wondering, specifically what leather do you use? As in is the leather derived from cattle, goat, sheep, or pigskin? Thank you!

ArmStreet team

Mostly we use cattlehide.

Andrew Mercer
12 of April 2014

Hello, I was wondering if you can make these boots in Faux Leather instead of Leather? medieval-leather-ankle-high-knight-shoes-boots I would like them in black if you can do it. How much would you charge me for a set if you can make them? Also what is the current turn around? Thanks in advance Andrew

ArmStreet team

For technical reasons, we don't work with faux leather, sorry.

Shawna Waters
15 of February 2014

I bought this and my wife another. My wife and I always enjoy buying from armstreet. Always a great experience.

Calvin Mcgee
20 of November 2013

I love my new medieval knight shoes! When I wear it in first time I look like a real knight, thanks.

Arlene Leonard
27 of January 2013

just got it today and it fits great! Thank you so much! :)

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