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Gothic Boots "Moonless Night"

Female medieval boots with lining

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Leather/Leather lining

Women's sizes

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09 of December 2023

Went by the sizing chart and they fit perfectly from the start. As expected; no complaints.

22 of November 2023

Cheers from the Netherlands. I hesitated because of the previous review but my boots arrived right in time for the event and I already tryed them in LARP fighting, it seems they are becoming my favorite...

07 of September 2023

(The rating for our review should have been 1 star instead of 5, by the way, I am sorry to say; for some reason it does not allow me to edit the review)

07 of September 2023

I genuinely regret that this has to be our review: We ordered these boots back in February of this year & they arrived in late March; I know that it's taken a while to write this review, but the stresses of life meant that it kept being put off.  In any case: we submitted custom measurements for these boots; initially we thought this would be fine, since our experience with ArmStreet custom measurements (before this) had always been top-notch and pretty well perfect.  However, that proved not to be the case this time. For starters, even though we submitted VERY precise and exacting measurements, along with pics to accompany them making it clear exactly how those measurements were taken, we received communication back suggesting that there was some kind of discrepancy between the shoe size that we gave (which was correct) and the foot measurements that we submitted (which were also correct). There was no discrepancy, and we took the measurements *and* additional pics, and submitted that information; yet still, for some reason, there seemed to be confusion....even though all the required information was there.  The shoe size that we submitted was correct; the measurements that we took, and submitted, were also correct.  That's just how it was, and there shouldn't have been any confusion on that point! Even at this early stage, such confusion was concerning; this should have been a perfectly straightforward matter.  Maybe we should have requested a refund at that early stage but unfortunately we did not. We received the finished boots in late March....and were *completely disappointed* with them.  They are actually completely un-wearable. :( - there's random glue still on the bottom of the soles. - you can see the weird lump near the toe of each boot, which is where the last sat; the shoe was, for some reason, stretched *way* beyond the last.  This being the case, of course it would make the boot *much too big*. - when the boots are done up, and when standing, her feet are being pushed forward into the shoe; at that point, the boot is then squishing her toes into the point of the boot.  The heels are too wide and the toes are too narrow; due to how the back part of the boot is shaped, it pushes her foot forward into the points because the heel cap is TOO WIDE to hold the heel in place.  Because of the way the boot is shaped, it pushes her foot forward. - the boots are way too long.  Also, too narrow, and too deep at the same time.  They push her foot forward *into the point*, which, of course, should not be happening.  If the boots being deep was done to give more width, all that it accomplishes is to make them *still* too deep but then also *still not wide enough*. - generally speaking, unfortunately, the boots are simply not comfortable.  The right boot is also somehow even worse than the left boot in terms of overall fit.  Her size 7 insoles do not even fit in the boots, which would make one think the boots somehow too short - but they are not.  If anything, they are *too long*.  Putting in any type of insole doesn't help at all. - the boots were clearly made on a last which was not correct for this shoe style. For the boots to work, they would need to be, 1) shallower and wider across her foot, across her toes, and the balls of her feet; also, 2) the heel caps would need to be narrower.  That's just for a start! There is no way at all for us to remedy this on our end.  This is extremely disappointing.  They haven't even been worn at all, apart from her wearing them literally for *two minutes* at most, indoors, just to try them on.  We fear that, given the amount of time that has passed, maybe nothing can be done about this - though that would be disappointing, as well. We are now stuck with a pair of 'custom' boots which simply *cannot* be worn at all, because they very clearly do *not* fit the foot for which they were supposedly made.  This is deeply disappointing!  This is extremely upsetting and the first genuinely negative purchase experience that we have had with ArmStreet (we have purchased many things and we have been proud and happy to do so).  It is also certainly the first time ever that us submitting correct, exact custom measurements has gone so completely *wrong* for some reason.  Whatever happened with these boots, it certainly isn't the fault of incomplete or incorrect measurements nor reference images - both of which we submitted properly. I am very sad that the purchase of these boots turned out this way. :(  They were eagerly and hopefully awaited; seeing how they didn't even come *close* to fitting was EXTREMELY upsetting and deeply crushing. :(

ArmStreet Team

Hello Dawn, Thank you for your feedback! I cannot locate any conversation with you on this matter, but you can simply contact us to solve the issue. If the mistake is on our part, we can simply take the boots back and make a new pair for you. Kindly, Alyona

26 of November 2022

Love the boots ! I ordered custom size and they fit very well ! I'll have to wear them to get the leather to soften as I got blisters last time (to be expected with new shoes) and I can already feel they'll be perfect once broken into !

16 of November 2021

As with typical leather it’s sturdy but malleable. This is really high quality work. And as with leather the measurements are really precise. I wasn’t sure if I could even put them on but after I warmed up the ankle section, I could. New leather shoes built to my measurements formed to my feet. Until I stretch them a little I won’t be wearing thick socks. Which is fine because they are for my raven costume- superb match. I received it a little after two months(I ordered several items) and it came from the Ukraine so that’s fast work. They wrapped the small items together all in separate baggies so that was nice, the shipping box was worse for wear with a small hole in it but nothing was lost because it was packaged well. Would purchase from this seller again.

Kat Underhill
13 of August 2021

These boots are AMAZING! They’re so comfortable and I’ve only worn them a few times. Will definitely buy from this shop again!

16 of May 2021

Well made and will likely last me a long time with proper care. Very comfortable and the fit is excellent!

Kristi Leisson
04 of December 2020

Exactly what I was expecting. Very good quality.

Sen Barone
03 of January 2020

These boots are absolutely beautiful and incredibly well-made! I thought they would be on the softer side, but was pleasantly surprised that the leather is tough and sturdy and yet still breathable. Customer service was great! Highly recommend this vendor.

Ariana Vallee
30 of September 2018

Love them! Communication was great, and I'm very happy with the quality of the boots. Thanks so much!

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19 of September 2019

Heyo! I have untrained eyes, what is the difference between these and the 'Duelists'?

ArmStreet Team

Hi Aaron, these are the women's boots and the duelist ones are men's.