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Black Witch Halloween Cloak

Woolen black dramatic cloak with hood

Not available

For some reasons this item is not available at the moment. Please contact our support at contact@armstreet.com for more detailed information or check these categories for similar items:


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Amanda Jo
05 of February 2022

Great quality, exactly what I ordered. Goes perfectly with the dress I ordered for my wedding. Warm and will be used even after the wedding as it will definitely keep me warm in cold Icelandic weather!

15 of January 2022

This is exactly as Imagined it, and I see many uses in the future. The wool is excellent for cooler weather and the deckle edge gives the whole thing that sinister look!

Liiving DeadGirl
17 of June 2021

great quality quick shipping in about 10 days time a little humidity to the item likely from shipping awesome product and great timing

Chris Browne
20 of November 2020

I certainly love this cloak! It arrived earlier than expected, which was nice, and the wool is so comfortable to touch, not to mention that it is so nice and warm to wear in the cold. I certainly recommend this to anyone who would wish to purchase a cloak.

Brandy Fitzpatrick
20 of October 2020

I own a lot of capes. This one is in a category of its own. I can’t express the quality of how well it’s made. The material is thick yet soft, the seams are strong and beautifully stitched, and the hood hangs perfectly. It’s gorgeous. Please note this cape is HEAVY. Many pounds! Don’t equate it to a costume cape made just for looks. This thing is the real deal; made for warmth and protection. Be prepared for the weight to be a little uncomfortable if you plan to wear it for an extended period of time. I highly recommend a high-quality clasp to hold it in place. I purchased the one in the photos and it is exceptional. Overall, couldn’t be happier!

18 of May 2018

Absolutely fantastic cloak! Feels great to wear, sits comfortably on my shoulders and is nice and thick. Requires a clasp of some description to wear effectively though. My clasp had unfortunately not arrived by the time I went to my event, so I had to hold it together by hand, which made everything harder. Though that's not an issue with the cloak itself, but I highly recommend a clasp if purchasing this cloak. Be careful wearing during hot weather, as it insulates very well, and can be very uncomfortable in the heat. Would definitely recommend this cloak for any kind of costume. It fits my Sith costume perfectly.

Kate Eskridge
12 of October 2017

This cloak is perfect! It is very well made, has a good weight to it, and it will absolutely keep me warm at renaissance fairs in November. The length is good too - not too long so that it drags on the ground.

Ronshell Wells
14 of September 2016

I ordered the Hooded Black Cloak Halloween Edition and it is elegant. The deep hood adds mystery to your look. It is also thick enough for my state's winter weather. I am so glad I purchased it. Thank you Armstreet! : )

ArmStreet team

Thank you very much for your feedback! We`re pleased that you satisfied with the cloak and we hope to see some photos once ;) Always welcome to ArmStreet!

11 of March 2016

I just wish I could give more stars! This cloak is fabulous. Well made and exactly what I wanted. This shop took my request for extra length on the pattern with no problems at all. The finished product is perfect. Very obvious that this seller designs and crafts it's items with great care and attention to detail. I just need to find more excuses to wear it! The material is soft and very warm. The design allows ample excess to wrap yourself up to fend off the chilly evenings. It arrived well before the scheduled date, securely packaged. Highly recommended shop! Will definitely use them again. Thank you x

15 of December 2015

I wanted a versatile cape to use for multiple costumes and this is perfect! The straight hem hangs perfectly off my shoulders without dragging and the shape of the hood is incredible! All of the seams are strong and the wool quality is higher than I expected- it is very dense and warm. I can't find a single imperfection anywhere. I'm sure this will last a very long time and it will be well loved! My only problem is needing more reasons to wear it out!

If this is a general question we may post it on the page to help other customers, otherwise we will just answer you by email

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Abigail Rector
18 of February 2019

Is this available in dark blue wool?

ArmStreet Team

Dear Abigail, we can make it in dark blue wool upon request (no extra charge). You may simply leave this request in the comment to your order. However, kindly note that our dark blue wool is very dark and even may seem black in electic lights. 

19 of October 2018

hello I am trying to enter my height ( 5' 4'') for the cloak, and it won't let me do it that way...suggestions?

ArmStreet Team

Hi Brenda, you may leave a comment to your order with the measurement. 

14 of January 2017

Can this cloak be washed in a washing machine, if I use a gentle wool program and wool detergent? I know the care guide says to only use dry cleaning for wool, but the fabric seems pretty standard and there is only a single colour, so would it be fine?

ArmStreet team

Well, we do not recommend machine washing for this cloak. You can try washing it in a washing machine using a gentle wool program and wool detergent, but we cannot guarantee the result.

06 of March 2016

Ive been waiting for a while now, and havent seen the corset yet, when will it be for sale ?

ArmStreet Team

Hi Simone, you may purchase the corset here

27 of January 2016

Hello! Can this cloak be made in other shades of wool?

ArmStreet Team

Hi Hayley, yes we can make it in different wool colors. 

02 of December 2015

Is this cloak warm enough for cold weather?

ArmStreet team

This cloak is more suitable for autumn and spring. For cold winter weather, we recommend wider cloaks (such as Full-round Woolen Medieval Hooded Cloak and capes (Stana and Milorada), as well as the cloak with fur trimming Lost Princess.

07 of November 2015

if the clasp are bought separately, how do we attached the cloak?

ArmStreet team

There are drawstrings on the cloak to tighten the neck hole.

03 of November 2015

hi, i love it but is the price also 159$ in canada?

ArmStreet team

Yes, the price is $159.00 US for Canada as well. Welcome!

03 of November 2015

i don't do haloween it is unworthy of these and all other fantastic clothes being used to celebrate it i like the corset does it only come in black i was thinking green like the others you have here or brown

ArmStreet team

The corsage shown in the Halloween collection will be available for order on the site soon. It's made of flax linen, so you'll be able to order it in green or brown. Stay tuned!

03 of November 2015

Difference between this and the Black Raven cloak?

ArmStreet team

Both cloaks are made of the same black wool.
The Raven cloak is half-round, it's decorated with the Celtic trim.
And Halloween cloak is 3/4 round, it has deeper hood, can be made with straight or deckle aged bottom.

31 of October 2015

What is the maximum length of this cloak?

ArmStreet team

The maximum length is 150 cm (4'11"), we're limited by the width of the fabric roll. The cloak can be made for full height not greater than or equal to 180 cm (5'11").

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