Medieval Corset Halloween edition

Underbust lace-up linen corset belt

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This item is part of the “Moonless Night” collection

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04 of January 2019

Is it possible to purchase this corset with a different color lace (like a black corset with a red lace)?

ArmStreet Team

Hi Rebekah! Yes, it is possible. Please simply leave this request in the comment to your order.

20 of December 2018

will you be resupplying this corset after it gets sold out or will this be the end? or could i just buy it in black from the "secret garden" sale page

ArmStreet Team

Hi Maire! Yes, we often re-stock this corset, but you may simply place "pre-order" for the needed size and we will simply make it for you. 

19 of June 2017

brilliant! its finally here, does it only come in black?


This corset can be purchased in various colors here