Wedding Noble Shoes “The Accolade”

Patterned leather women's shoes

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01 of May 2018

Love these shoes and would be perfect for my upcoming wedding next year. I do have a question, being that you have to measure your foot, I also wear orthotics and was wondering if I have to do any special measuring to accommodate them?

ArmStreet Team

Dear Kendra, please simply send us your foot measurments and leave a comment to your order that orthotics will be used. 

04 of November 2015

Hi :) I love these shoes and plan to get them for my wedding, but I'm getting married in a year and a half and I'm not sure if I should get them now or wait until closer to the date. So my question for you is this item discontinuing any time soon ?? I would be shattered if I was unable to get them. Kind regards Jacinta

ArmStreet team

We do not plan to discontinue them, but we recommend ordering in advance before the proposed event for two reasons: first of all, as long as all of the colors and materials are available, you can choose the color that you like, and secondly there will be enough time so they can break-in (the leather should stretch and take form of your foot).