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Bridesmaid Dress “Secret Garden”

Linen dress with lacing and trimming

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09 of July 2019

This is so lovely but what is the difference between this and the red Elise dress? Also is it possible to ha e a different colour and trim with the neck trimmed too please?

ArmStreet Team

Hi Tonia, the dresses have different patterns. Yes, neckline can be trimmed for $30 extra. Please check all our trims and let us know which one you like. 

Trista Arnhold
05 of July 2019

Hello, I'm considering getting this dress for my bridesmaids. I'm trying to get an idea on sizing, normally myself I'm about a size 8. My waist on pants is around 30. Would you be able to tell me what size should fit me? I just want to give the girls an idea on where it runs, I may have to get a custom one done. I was wondering on a custom one how long it would take to be done and to shipped? Also I am wondering what the price range is on a custom one done. Thank you for your time.

ArmStreet Team

Dear Trista, please send us your bust and waist circumference so we could help you to choose the right size of the dress. You may also check our size chart. Kindly note that there is also a Custom Size option for this dress. We can make it according to your personal measurements.  

19 of June 2019

Hi, I bought this dress and now I wonder how I should wash it. Would it be okay to put in in the washing machine on delicate? Or should I wash it by hand? Thank you.

ArmStreet Team

Dear Amélie, hand washing is preferrable. You may also give it to the dry cleanners. Please find our care guide here

Thirza Houwaart
09 of April 2019

Hi, i'm realy doubting about the size i should order. My measures are: chest(84cm), waist(73cm), bicep(26cm), wrist (15,5cm). Should I order size 0 ore 2? Ore is it better to order custom size? I see on the picture, that the dress is verry long. Am I right, that the dress is 148 cm long? I am 172cm long. I prefere the lengt of the dress is 144 inclusife trim, so i wont walk over it. Is this a good lengt? And do I have to order with custom size?

ArmStreet Team

Dear Thirza, size 0 should fit you nicely. Our pre-made dresses are made for the full height of 168 cm so the dress won't be too long for you. 

01 of April 2019

Hi, what height person would this ideally suit in a size 4 or 6? Wanting to fit to someone who's around 170cm and another who's around 150cm - would it be too short?

ArmStreet Team

Dear Cat, pre-made dresses fit the full height of 168 cm. Thus, it should be fine for a person with 170 cm height but it will be too long for a person who is 150 cm height, unfortunately. It is better to go with custom size in this case. 

23 of March 2019

Do you accept visa debit? Thanks

ArmStreet Team

Dear Michelle, we do not accept debit cards, sorry. You may pay with PayPal, credit card or bank transfer. 

Pascale Dubois
23 of March 2019

I was wondering if the fabric breathes and if my brides maids would roast in them

ArmStreet Team

Dear Pascale, yes linen is a light and solf material suitable for the hot weather. 

21 of March 2019

Hi, I live in Australia, will the custom made dress arrive before the 8th of June?

ArmStreet Team

Hi Emily, yes of course! We need about 2-3 weeks to make the costume plus standard shipping time to Australia is 3-4 weeks. You may also leave a comment to your order with the date when you would like to receive the package so we could make sure you receive it asap. 

17 of March 2019

Is it possible to get this made without the trim? Thanks :)

ArmStreet Team

Hi Nik, yes it is possible. Please simply leave this request in the comment to your order.

18 of February 2019

I know someone asked if this could be made in white but could this be made into a lavender color? Is that too much? Thanks :)

ArmStreet Team

Hello, we can make it in violet linen. Please simply select custom size tap and choose the color you like. 

Lesley Waters
05 of January 2019

I am a size 8 but only 4ft 11inches tall. Could the Secret garden Bridesmaid dress be adapted to fit me?

ArmStreet Team

Dear Lesley, please simply select custom size option for the dress and it will be made according to your personal measurements. Pre-made dresses cannot be altered, sorry.

29 of September 2018

Can this be done in white?

ArmStreet Team

Hi Madeline! Yes, we can make it in white, but linen can be transparent so we recommend white cotton. Please simply leave this request to your order. 

16 of August 2018

Would it be possible to add the Archeress trim also along the neckline? 

ArmStreet Team

Yes, it is possible. 

22 of April 2018

Hi! Could you do it also in brown with detatchable sleeves? Thank you! :)

ArmStreet Team

Yes, we can make it in brown, but sleeves cannot be altered, sorry. 

25 of February 2018

Is it possible to get this dress in a trim other than the Red Archeress Trim? Kind Regards, Annie


Yes, trim can be changed upon request. All available trims are shown here

Sue orens
04 of February 2018

Do you carry petites? So many beautiful dresses but i am short.

ArmStreet Team

Hi Sue, we make custom size clothes according to the provided measurements. The dress will be hemmed accordingly.

22 of October 2017

Which chemise would you recommend to go with this dress? I'd like something made of a softer material, as the sleeves on mine are slightly scratchy on my skin. Thanks! I love love love my dress!

ArmStreet Team
Monique Olivarez
24 of September 2017

Hello, I was looking at the bridesmaid dress, and I had a question as to how long the fixed sizes are. Thank you!

ArmStreet Team

Fixed size dress is 148 cm long. 

24 of September 2017

Hello, I am 5'10" would I need to custom order this dress for it to be long enough.

ArmStreet Team

Yes, pre-made dress will be short for you, unfortunately.

05 of September 2017

Is there any difference between this and the Red Elise dress, other than the addition of trim on this version? I'm especially wondering if this one is cut differently. Thanks!

ArmStreet Team

This is a different dress with different pattern and it fits differently. 

Shannon Stevens
17 of July 2017

Hello I was wondering if this dress can be made with the Celtic Gold/Silver trim?

ArmStreet Team

Yes, please simply leave this request in the comment to your order. 

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