Cotton Cloak “Secret Garden”

Bridesmaid cloak with contrast borders

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30 of November 2019

Hi! I really like this cloak. But of course there are some things to note about it. 1. it took more than a month to get to where i live. It says that in the description, but i still feel like it‘s worth noting. 2. it didn‘t come with the pin. The pin is a separate product, which i find unfortunate. And this next one is a small detail, but i still thought i could mention it. 3. the hood isn‘t pointy, like it‘s not one of those long drapy pointy ones, which i find sad but not the end of the world. Again these are just small notes about it that don’t matter THAT much! I actually really like this product and will have lots of fun cosplaying with it once i found a less expensive pin!

09 of October 2019

Hi, I was wondering if this cloak is fully waterproof?

ArmStreet Team

Hello, this cloak is made of cotton, which is not waterproof, unfortunately. 

Roberta Teubner
22 of August 2019

Love it, can’t wait til we have cool weather!

17 of August 2019

Hi, I was wondering if this could be good for a guy. Thanks.

ArmStreet Team

Hi Damon, yes of course, the cloak can be worn by a man. 

04 of June 2019

I have ordered this cloak in green with a red trim. I will use it an my wedding day and I'm so in love with it! I got it faster then I was counting on. The cloak just looks amazing! Thanks for the great service, this will make our wedding amazing!

07 of March 2019

Is there any way I can purchase the secret garden cloak in red with blue trim like the picture or is there a way I can custom Order it?

ArmStreet Team

Hi Raegan, yes, of course, please simply select custom size option for the cloak and there you may select any color combination you like. 

03 of December 2018

Hello, I would like to purchase the secret garden cloak in all black and the clasp, but I need help with size. This would be a surprise gift for my daughter who normally buys her clothes in 3XL. Would you be able to tell the measurements from that? Waiting for reply, Thank you, Kim

ArmStreet Team

Hi Kim! For this cloak all we need to know is a full height of a person. 

Brittany Rose
27 of November 2018

Hello, I was wondering if this is 100 % cotton? I am goin to have it tie dyed and it will only be truly effective if it is true cotton. Thank you!

ArmStreet Team

Hi Brittany, yes it is 100% cotton. 

26 of August 2018

I would like the dark blue with the border in dark red, like the picture, but it does not give me the option in "more colors". Do you have it?

ArmStreet Team

Hi Mali, please select custom size tab for the cloak to have different color options. 

09 of July 2018

Hi in which phone Number could I contact you? I have a lot of questions to make a purchase


Hi Ale! We do not have phone support, unfortunately. However, you are most welcome to contact us via and we will be glad to answer all your questions :) 

Aja Dorsey
14 of October 2017

Can this cloak be made in brown with yellow trim? or any other color combinations? Brown with natural linen trim?


Hello, This cloak can be made in cotton only, unfortunately. All possible color combinations are displayed in the listing. 

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