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Medieval Linen Dress, Surcoat And Chaperone Costume “Autumn Princess”

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For some reasons this item is not available at the moment. Please contact our support at contact@armstreet.com for more detailed information or check these categories for similar items:

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12 of November 2011
Ok Ladies... a tip on being the most comfortable you can be in this dress and those of similar design for ladies with a more full bust. Wear a bra with sturdy structure. Without it, this dress (and those of similar design) will pull the bust down and flatten it to your ribs, this can be uncomfortable for some. An undergarment such as the one described fixes this issue and you will have no other. These dresses are well made and (as stated) flattering on a variety of figures. This tip also applies to dresses with lacing on the sides. The sturdy undergarment suggested is NOT needed for greater comfort with dresses like the "Forest Princess" or other dresses of similar design to it. I have found this type of cloth (flax linen) to be comfortable in the hottest weather and on the coolest evenings. The cloth has just enough weight to make it drape and lay beautifully on the body. I hope this is a help. I love this company and it's work. I would not trade the gowns I have ordered here for any other garb I have ever worn! I now own three gowns , a surcoat (shown above), a chaperone (also shown above), and a ladies overcoat, and I can't wait to receive my next piece! So, for those of you who like the early century garb, or just don't like the idea (or the feel) of being pinched, cinched, squashed, or encumbered with "rigging", you have come to the right place!
ArmStreet team

 Thank you Seanna  for really honest  and detailed  feedback 

 Always welcome back to ArmStreet

Mona på Mora
10 of October 2011
I love the surcoat, and since I already have the dress, I hope I'll get the surcoat for Christmas. I wish upon a star...
ArmStreet team

This is not a problem

  Only surco  $120 +  $16 shipping 

 contact us    and we will discuss  all question 



15 of February 2010
Is it possible to buy the MEDIEVAL LINEN DRESS, SURCOAT AND CHAPERONE COSTUME "AUTUMN PRINCESS" without the chaperone??? If yes, how much is this dress?

Thank you for your answer.

ArmStreet team


We can sell this dress without the chaperon

The cost  such dress $200 + $30

Please, contact us to contact@armstreet.com and we will discuss  all questions