Dark Wolf

Sleek, XV inspired fantasy spring steel armor with polished accents and customizable pieces

The Dark Wolf is a quiet man – always plotting and planning his next move. He’s not cruel, but he is calculated, known to attack in the dead of night and wipe out whole armies before they wake to defend themselves. When people ask why such a man of legend would be a man of few words, I think the answer is obvious: there’s no need to be outspoken when your reputation speaks for itself.

At ArmStreet, we’re no strangers to cool knight armor… but we don’t think we’ve ever made anything quite this cool. We know we’ve created something truly special when it takes even our breath away. Our “Dark Wolf” is the long-awaited male version of our popular “Dark Star” collection, made with the same aesthetic spirit, lightweight steel, and of course technical attention to detail.

We’ve crafted this steel plate armor collection from lightweight spring steel, which is a very strong type of steel that allows us to make thinner armor. Because the armor is thinner, it ends up being more maneuverable for you – so it moves with you, instead of encumbering you. We wanted this collection to be an extension of your own body: you, but even better!

The “Dark Wolf” ends up being a complete set of fantasy knight armor that is purpose-built for combat. Designs in the collection include a helmet, pauldrons with customizable rondels, a full arm harness, a fitted and articulated cuirass, a full leg harness, and of course gauntlets. We’re inspired by this design, though, so who knows what else will be added to the collection as we continue forging new pieces.

You’ll notice the striking looks of this dark steel armor. The spring steel is not only hardened but also oil blackened in order to give it such a stunning look. We combined this popular black tone with occasional shiny steel pieces in order to add contrast, but when it comes to the final colors, it’s really up to you. You can also add in brass plated pieces as well if that’s the kind of armor you feel your character would wear.

Ready for battle steel armor

Why waste time when you can walk right onto the battlefield in a battle-ready set of armor that feels so light and maneuverable that it feels like a part of your own body? The new “Dark Wolf” collection is just that – light, beautiful but still incredibly protective.

The best fantasy knight armor

It’s one thing to look good… but you have to feel good as well. There’s no point in uncomfortable armor that holds you back and makes fighting difficult. At ArmStreet, we specialize in making armor that not only looks utterly amazing but also makes you feel powerful because it fits you so well.

dark-wolf-1.jpg dark-wolf-2.jpg

What is steel plate body armor weight?

Generally, a breastplate with tassets will be around 14 pounds, plus another 8 for the backplate. However, when constructed from spring still, the weight of the armor is lower because spring steel can be made thinner and therefore lighter.

Inspired by XV century armor

This collection contains elements that are inspired by the 15th century. Even though it’s fantasy, there are lots of elements in it that are taken from historical models. For example, how fitted and articulated a lot of it is. This was a style that was seen getting more popular towards the latter end of the 14th century and into the 15th century, especially for more wealthy knights and fighters of high status who could afford such armor. It was expensive because of how skilled a blacksmith had to be to create it.

Perfect for SCA armored combat

If you’re a fighter in the SCA, this armor is a great option for you. It’s a decent enough thickness to protect you but is still nice and light. We know how hard it can be to find SCA armor for sale, so we’ve made it easy to offering you helmets with the correct specifications to make them safe for rattan fighting. This armor is especially great if you’re into 15th century armor SCA.

LARP and SCA ready steel armor

This armor is also fantastic if you’re looking for something to wear to live-action roleplay where you fight with foam weapons. It’s not going to weigh you down too much and gives you more than enough armor. Imagine strolling onto the battlefield at Bicolline wearing this absolutely amazing armor!

Feel powerful in dark steel armor

Steel body armor is cool, and sure, you can wear regular armor… but wouldn’t you feel much cooler in dark steel? Our Dark Wolf collection has lots of options available for the customization of the steel, so you can choose if you want polished silver armor, blackened armor, brass plated armor, or a combination of all three! The power is in your hands.


What are the knight armor parts?

If you’re wondering what parts are required to look like a knight, we recommend at least wearing the very basic cuirass, arm harness, and leg harness. You can also have:

  • Pauldrons
  • Helmet
  • Gauntlets
  • Tassets

Really, it’s up to you to decide what kind of knight you want to be and what your budget is going to be!

What else do I need to be a complete knight?

At ArmStreet we believe that armor isn’t the only thing that makes a knight! There are also accessories and clothing that will really bring your character to life and make you look awesome. We recommend thinking about what kind of gambeson or padding you’re going to wear, as well as things such as belts, pouches, cloaks, and of course jewelry!

Shipping to the ends of the earth, including Australia and New Zealand.

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