Moonless Night

Dramatic, mysterious and inspired by only the darkest of nights: dresses, coats, cloaks, corset and jewellery.

On those moonless nights, no one wants to go outside. The wind always seems to blow colder, chilling you to the bone and extinguishing the hearths the townspeople huddle around. A different kind of person wanders the streets on those nights: divine creatures of darkness, evil queens and wailing banshees. Knocks on the door are met with fear as the townsfolk check and doublecheck they’ve locked their doors properly, fumbling for their chains and keys. What monsters roam the empty streets, they wonder? Spiders the size of dogs? Dark warlocks? All of the witches they failed to burn? 

Is it fear, or is it envy? As they emerge from the gnarled woods and walk through the cobblestone streets, it’s hard to deny their beauty. Every step has purpose, every move is planned and nothing they do is by mistake. Those who walk under the moonless sky are free from the judgement of the conventional world, revelling in their own perfection and the freedom that comes with it.

This fashion found in this collection favours those utterly beautiful creatures of the night: long, flowing robes, stunning dresses, gothic accessories and cosy wool garments to keep you warm as you chant around the campfire. This is clothing for those who have impeccable taste and dress to kill. Dramatic, mysterious and inspired by fantasy, everything you’ll find here is no doubt one of our most beautiful creations.

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A new take on medieval Halloween costumes…

Here at ArmStreet, Halloween isn’t just a day… it’s a way of life! We feel that people should be able to dress up every single day of the year in a costume that is comfortable, well made and of course, visually stunning.

Browse our amazing selection of items that are truly a step above of what you will find anywhere else. This is your chance to ask yourself… who do you want to be? Do you want to be a witch, or perhaps some kind of evil Queen? Or maybe you’re just looking for a renaissance vampire costume. It’s completely up to you. These aren’t just costumes – these are clothes that you will want to wear every day!

This is your chance to be an evil sorceress.

Let’s be honest — why be just a simple witch when you can be so much more? This is the perfect time to embrace your dark side and dress the way you’ve always wanted to. Picture yourself walking through a misty forest draped in warm, cozy wool, your hair flowing, your head topped with a blackened crown… Imagine yourself dancing around a bonfire under the full moon, brimming with power… Is that too much for you? Okay, well, if you don’t want to be a REAL sorceress, there’s also the option of just dressing up for a day and wearing a medieval witch costume!

It’s really up to you whom you decide to dress up as and what kind of character you become. What you’ll find with ArmStreet costumes, though, is that everything is intelligently designed, made in-house by our talented seamstresses, and made to look beautiful on the modern body.

Impress your friends with authentic Halloween costumes.

Gone are the days of costumes made from cheap, flimsy fabrics that only last a day. Why purchase something that you are only going to wear once when you have the option of owning a costume that will last you a lifetime? Our medieval Halloween costumes are well designed and crafted from quality materials that will be an absolute pleasure to wear again and again. This is also the perfect place to look for the ideal Renaissance Halloween costume! We are passionate about a number of different time periods and have done a ton of research to make costumes that are both historically faithful but also fun and interesting. If you’re looking for something a little bit more fantasy inspired, you can also look at creating an authentic vampire costume, which you could base on history but put a fantastic twist into.

Isn’t it time you finally embraced your inner darkness?

Gothic clothing in every life is becoming more and more normal. We live in a world where you are allowed to embrace who you truly are and express yourself through your clothing. So, when the winds of autumn pick up this year, why not welcome a new wool coat or linen corset into your everyday collection? Don’t be scared to let your inner passion for Halloween and costuming come out! At the very least, you owe it to yourself to put together something amazing that you can wear to parties. This kind of clothing looks fantastic on basically everyone, and you’ll find yourself filled with newfound confidence and a love for your style!


Command the night in your renaissance witch costume

Or, if witches aren’t really your thing, think about being a vampire! There is a ton of history and mythology out there surrounding the concept of vampires, so there is lots of room for creativity. We have a number of great options to help you complete your medieval vampire costume, so you can pick and choose the parts of history that interest you! Or, if you’re looking to make every day Halloween and love to dress in a gothic style, our costumes will become a part of your everyday wardrobe.

So you’re putting together an enchantress Halloween costume?

These are what we consider to be the most important aspects:

  • Quality, natural fabrics such as wool and linen
  • Beautiful, gothic accessories
  • A flowing cloak
  • Interesting textiles and textures

When putting together our Wanderer and witch garbs, which were heavily inspired by the idea of an authentic witch costume, we tried our best to make use of linen sackcloth, a fascinating textile that looks like burlap but feels as comfortable as linen!

Let’s not forget about gothic medieval weddings…

Sure, you could be putting together a terrifying dead bride Halloween costume… but what if you’re actually getting married? There are lots of interesting and beautiful combinations of our clothing that can be used to make your big day extra special and beautiful.