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Medieval Black Cloak “Raven”

Celtic woolen semi-flared cloak

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10 of April 2024


ArmStreet Team

Hello, we are out of black wool at the moment, but we can make this cloak in dark blue color if you like. Once the black color is back, the listing will be activated automatically. 

05 of December 2021

This cloak is exceptionally warm and looks really good. The only problem is the weak clasp.

04 of December 2021

I have ordered two of these cloaks, both were beautiful, but the clasps were terribly weak. I see having a stronger clasp as a must.

Brian Cook
25 of March 2021

This came far earlier than expected. This cloak was made very nicely. However, I do have one major criticism. The little metal clasp was not strong enough to keep closed and the heavy fabric. I had to have a heavier belt buckle sewn on. This, I propose that the crafting team start using heavier and stronger clasps or buckle when they make this for future customers.

10 of March 2021

I bought this cape for my daddy's birthday. As always, the quality is top! I have to admit that the buckle on the cape was difficult to lock and open, but once you knew the technique, this was no longer a problem

03 of October 2020

My new favourite cloak. I rarely leave the house (let alone my room) without a cloak, and so a good cloak is a must. I'd been getting costume store cloaks and renovating them, but they simply weren't cutting it. I always struggled to find one that would close, and this is probably the first time I have had a cloak which sits properly with my shoulders. I did have some issues with the clasp, and ended up removing it in favour of using a cloak pin, but it is otherwise phenomenal.

14 of July 2020

I love the cloak, it's really great and warm, even if fluff gets stuck to it quite easily. The only complaint I have is that the clasp was lose when I got it and kept coming undone. It later snapped and now doesn't work.

ArmStreet Team

Dear Chloe, kindly contact our support team to exchange the clasp. 

14 of May 2020

The cloak looks and feels great. Staff were very helpful in allowing a few alterations such as a larger hood.

09 of March 2020

This is a beautifully well-made piece and goes very well with the tunic to complete the look!

Jake Wangsgaard
26 of February 2020

An amazing and sturdy cloak, took a while to be shipped out but that's fine. An excellent addition to my outfit.

19 of February 2020

Before I had this cloak, I spent a number of cold days waiting for the bus wishing I could do more to protect my legs from the chill. Now I use this as that extra shield and though it can't block out all the cold, it has helped considerably. And it's a fun fashion addition to my wardrobe besides.

19 of November 2019

I have bought this cloak a few months ago and I finally got it in. I must say that it was beautifully made and well worth the wait and money, especially when it’s on sale.

Virginia P
12 of January 2019

This was my fiancé’s favorite piece from all the items we purchased. The cloak has a beautiful clasp and a nice weight to it as well. The shop made sure all the lining matched with every piece which we really appreciated!! Thank you again for all your help

Jessica Frederick
28 of December 2018

I purchased roughly 17 tunics and 3 capes back at in November, since my fiance and I are having a Tolkien inspired wedding. I had some reservations about buying in such bulk from way outside my country. But this shop had such nice looking products! I had to take a chance, and thank God I did! We received the package today (may I remind you...20+ products made in less than two months!) and could not wait to at least try on the grooms stuff. I was a bit apprehensive, because I was worried that we would get a 'costume-y' look. However, the products are made with authentic materials and sewn so well, I can only describe myself as impressed and delighted! The only critique I can say is that the box showed up nearly in pieces. But after such a long trip, I'm not that surprised. Everything was in nice baggies and safe anyway!

Dawn Smith
03 of November 2018

Wow! My husband looks incredible in this cape! The fit is perfect and the details are stunning! Quality and craftsmanship.

20 of September 2018

i received the my coat today, its beautiful

Jason Pedicord
12 of July 2016

This is an amazing medium weight cloak. I am very happy with the craftsmanship. Clasp is a little difficult to work but it gets easier with practice

02 of February 2016

Love my "Raven" cloak. The black wool is all I hoped it would be. For anyone planning on ordering, the cape I received just brushes the ground on me. Wishing I'd understood that (would have asked for it to be a bit shorter). Great for those who want it that long. w/that said....WONDERFUL CLOAK!!!

ArmStreet team

Many thanks for your cloak review, Helen! Always welcome back to ArmStreet!

Leonard Summers
20 of January 2015

My wife and I always enjoy buying from ArmStreet. Always a great experience.

ArmStreet team

Thank you, Leonard! Always welcome back to ArmStreet!

Josee Tisdale
01 of March 2014

I've been itching to post this review for the past week or so!! The package arrived a much earlier than i expected! The cloak is absolutely gorgeous and fit my partner a treat. It adds a touch of class to an otherwise homemade costume and is envied by my housemates who, until they met me, knew nothing about LARP. The wool is lovely and warm and should keep my partner nice and cosy even in the variable British weather. Thank you so much!

Stuart Tyler
06 of May 2013

Good quality of the product, good communication, fast shipping, no problem !!!

ArmStreet team

Thank you!

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27 of November 2018

Hello! Is it possible to have the embroidery on the edges to also include the hood? Also! Is it possible to add the satin lining onto this cloak, similar to the lining that is on the elven cloak? Thank you!

ArmStreet Team

Hi Phoenix! Yes, we can add the trim on the hood for $25 extra. Please simply leave this comment to your order. This cloak cannot be lined, unfortunately.

14 of November 2018

Hello! I am 6'4", and I wanted to buy one of your cloaks, either this one, or the "Knight of the West" for my wedding. Is it possible to get the necessary length for someone my height in either of these cloaks?

ArmStreet Team

Hi Anthony! Yes, we can make Raven cloak long enough. It will fit like on the pictures: a bit shorter in front and almost floor length of the back. 

01 of October 2018

Do you have wool cloaks that are long enough for a six foot one guy? 73 inches

ArmStreet Team

Hi Matthew! This cloak can be made floor length if needed. Please simply leave this request in the comment to your order. 

Callum Ballantyne
31 of August 2018

I'd like to know how well it deals with rain I understand it's 100% wool but will it absorb rain immediately or will it be more resilient to rain? and could you in your opinion use a water repellent spray on it or could that potential damage the cloak?


Hi Callum! The wool is not water resistant so it absorbs water almost immediately. A water repellent spray should not ruin the cloth, but there is no guarantee, unfortunately. We can send you a sample of the wool for such experiment. 

16 of August 2018

A couple questions: 1.) Would it be possible to order this cloak with the trim from the sleeves of the Forest Princess? (not the Gold Forest Trim, but the one on the sleeves) And how much extra would that be? 2.) Would it also be possible to extend that trim along the entire bottom hem as well? And how much extra would that be? Thank you!


Hi Cecilia! Yes, everything is possible. Please contact our support team to calculate the price

26 of June 2018

Hey there! I was just wondering how warm one would consider this cloak? I see it is 100%ish wool, but that there's also no liner. With that, would it be too hot in the summer or not hot enough in the winter because of those points mentioned? Thanks!


Our cloaks are suitable for demi-season weather (autumn or spring). 


Margie Saccomanno
07 of March 2017

This is the cloak I would like to know if the trim can be extended to run around and accent the hood as well as the front or does it only run up the sides? Thank you for your help, Margie

ArmStreet team

The hood can be edged with the same silver Celtic trim for $20.00 extra. Just mention it in the comments to your order and we will contact you once the order is received.

05 of March 2017

Is it possible to get this cloak in blue wool with the same trim as in Lady of the Lake-dress (either the thin or the wide trim)? Also, what do you mean with semi-flared?

ArmStreet team

Yes, the cloak can be made of Blue wool (we only have dark blue wool now, it is close to black actually) with blue Pomegranate trim for $30.00 extra. Semi-flared is about the cloak`s cut, it has 1/2 circle cut.

Jörgen van Eck
23 of February 2017

Do you do a similar cloak in grey or ivory?

ArmStreet team

This cloak can be ordered in Ivory, just pick the colour, there are colours available on the right.
Also, you may check our new Limited Grey Cloak “Labyrinth”. It will be absolutely unique, marked with a personal run, no one else will ever have the same cloak. :)

John Reed
08 of May 2016

Would it be possible to get something like a family crest sewn into the cloak and if so how much extra?

ArmStreet Team

Hi John, yes it is possible. Please contact our support team for details. 

14 of December 2015

Hey, I am thinking of ordering this for my husband. What is the maximum size you can make it?

ArmStreet team

The maximum length of this cloak is 150 cm (59 in) due to the width of fabric. That is, it may be a bit short on the sides for someone whose height is over 180 cm (71 in).

11 of October 2015

Need to know what the fiber content is for the Black Raven cloak. The website says wool....but not whether it's 100% wool. If not, what other fibers and what percent wool, what percent other? Thanks, because I'd like to order the cape but can't until I know this.

ArmStreet team

This is purely woolen product (containing 99-100% wool). The remaining 1% is a nylon mesh, it is the structural basis of fabric, wool fibers are woven into it.

05 of October 2015

Is it 100% wool? If not, what percentage wool and what other fibers? Also, where is this made?

ArmStreet team

Yes, the cloak is made of 100% natural wool, made in Eastern Europe.

22 of September 2015

Hi, I love this cloak but not sure how deep the hood it. I keep finding ones, where they won't actually stay up on your head when you have it on due to being too shallow. Is this as deep as the "On Watch" black cloak? Thanks so much!

ArmStreet team

The hood of this cloak is shallower than On Watch hood, but we can make it with the same deep hood for $30 extra, simply add a comment to your order.

10 of November 2014

I'm hoping to receive this in time to give as a Christmas gift. Is that a possibility?

ArmStreet team

Yes, please add a comment with the deadline to your order.

Mat Jones
07 of March 2014

Is the Medieval Wool Black Cloak "Raven" lined on the interior

ArmStreet team

This cloak has no lining.

Darcie DesRosiers
03 of February 2014

Hi Is it possible to get the Medieval 3/4 Raven cloak in red wool with NO trim? Does that affect the cost of the cloak? Also, thank you so much! My dress order came today and it is wonderful!!! You guys rock!

ArmStreet team

Thank you, Darcie! Can be made in red without trim, no extra. Simply add a comment to your order.

Darcie DesRosiers
20 of December 2013

Good Morning! I've a question about the wool "Raven" cloak. If I give you my height in inches, can you trim the hem as well? What would the extra cost be? 

ArmStreet Team

Hi Darcie, yes we can add a trim on the hem as well. Please contact our support manager to calculate the extra cost. 

Gary Wolfson-Warwick
08 of December 2013

RE: Store — Medieval Clothing — Medieval Wool Black Cloak "Raven" Hi, In a couple of months my partner and I will be buying a heap of items from you (were just saving to get them all in one go), but in the meantime I was just wondering could you make this cloak in the same colour green with gold border that you offer with the tunic? Thank you

ArmStreet team

Yes, can be made in green with gold Celtic trim upon request.

12 of April 2013

Hi, I was wonder if was possible to get this cloak in a brown material? Thanks

ArmStreet team

To date we don't have any brown wool, sorry.

11 of November 2011

Is this cloak washable, or dry clean only?

ArmStreet team

Please, use only dry cleaning for all woolen clothes. Do not wash.

08 of April 2010

I love this cloak so much. Would it be possible to have this cloak made in green?

ArmStreet team

Can be made in green upon request, please add a comment to your order.


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