Stories of the Castle

Simple, well-tailored medieval dresses and accessories to help you tell your character’s story.

A lot happens behind castle walls: trips to the market for fresh bread and fruit, love letters passed in private, bustling kitchens full of fresh-cooked dinners, hidden smiles. From nobles down to the housekeepers, each and every cobblestone they’ve stepped on is holding countless stories and secrets about their lives.

Our “Stories of the Castle” collection consists of basic dresses, accessories, and jewelry that will be the perfect base for any medieval costume. Inspired by a mixture of medieval 13th century clothing, as well as the 14th and 15th century, you’ll find tapered waists, adjustable lacing, and long, flowing skirts – four gores of fabric, in fact! We’ve designed a wonderful wardrobe that will help you start your medieval costuming journey and tell your character’s story. From renaissance faires, The Society of Creative Anachronism to LARP events, and medieval feasts, these garments are ready to go on an adventure with you!

Basic items such as a chaperone hat and medieval apron add a personalized touch to your costume, giving you different ways to accessorise the dresses. The best part of this collection is that it’s so easy to dress them either up or down: adorning them with fancy accessories will make you look like a noble, whereas more basic additions will make you a humble townsperson. As with all of our outfits, they’re designed to inspire and help you craft the perfect costume!

In this collection you will also find fine tailoring, expert sewing technics to apply trim and contrasting linen borders, robustly attached lacing, and other wonderful little details that you’ll have to see up close!

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How to make a medieval Townswoman costume

If you’re looking for a simple but beautiful costume, look no further than being a medieval townswoman! The secret to looking like a real medieval villager is layering and using natural fabrics, all of which you can find in this collection. The dresses include lacing at the front that makes them adjustable, short sleeves, and large, draping skirts that swish when you walk. It’s one of our most popular items!

Find all of the best accessories at ArmStreet

There are countless options available to help you bring your costume to life! One of the easiest ways to look more like a real person is to have accessories and other small details. We have lots of things that will look perfect with medieval town people costumes:

  • Bags
  • Belts
  • Earrings
  • Satchels
  • Chaperons
  • Aprons

By just adding a few of these items, you’ll go from being a person wearing a medieval dress to a character!

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What are some medieval costume ideas for women?

Some medieval costumes ideas we recommend for women are a townswoman, merchant, noblewoman, baker, and housemaid. By simply changing your accessories, you can actually use the same dress for all of these costumes, and just dress it up or down.

Beautiful Medieval 14th century clothing

In the later 14th century, clothing became tighter and fabric became more plentiful, meaning that it was more common to see larger skirts made with more fabric! Our collection has dresses that are similar to those designs, including 4-gored skirts that are actually much like the 14th-century cotehardie.

Where can I buy medieval clothes?

It is easy to buy medieval clothing online. ArmStreet offers a large variety of options for men, women, and children, so you can get a complete outfit for your whole family without having to shop anywhere else!

Don’t forget to layer!

Layering is a concept that helps make your costume look way better. It’s simple, and actually, something that we already do in everyday life! All you have to do is wear more layers of clothing, which adds movement and texture to your overall look. For example, you may start with a chemise (underdress), and put a short-sleeved dress over top of it, followed by detachable sleeves and an apron. This ends up looking much better than just the dress by itself.

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stories-of-the-castle-5.jpg stories-of-the-castle-6.jpgstories-of-the-castle-7.jpg

Explore medieval costume ideas

Don’t have your heart set on being a townswoman? Luckily for you, there are lots of other options. You could look at making a medieval town crier costume, or dress yourself up a bit with some fancy jewelry to be a noblewoman, or even explore our armor collections and be a knight! It is completely up to you.

How to make a medieval Townswoman costume

When it comes to making a medieval clothing 13th century Townswoman costume, we think that you should always start with some kind of dress, and then think about what kind of items you might have. You can accessorize with a nice purse, or even just a basket to carry your shopping in. A chaperon is a nice kind of hat to wear, but if you’re not interested in those, just a straw hat works as well!

Worldwide shipping on all medieval costumes

Do you live at the ends of the earth? No problem! We can ship to New Zealand, Canada, Australia, the USA, all over Europe, and basically anywhere. We also offer tracked UPS shipping. If you have any questions, please get in touch with our customer support and we’ll be happy to discuss your shipping options.