News - Finger Gauntlets “Prince of the East” Armor

June 14, 2014

Finger Gauntlets “Prince of the East”

Functional SCA fighting medieval gauntlets

Eastern style finger gauntlets | medieval SCA armor

 "Prince of the East" armor  is one of the most popular ArmStreet's armor kits. It is relatively light-weight, practical and beautiful. We decided to complete it with eastern style finger gauntlets.

Main armor gauntlets features:

  • 16 ga (1.5 mm) and 18 ga (1mm) etched stainless steel
  • brass accents and knuckles (1.5 mm)
  • solid steel and brass rivets
  • reliable inner leather gloves included
  • chain-mail cuffs

“Prince of the East” gauntlets are decorated with brass accents and knuckles and etched pattern. Chain-mail cuffs are decorated with several rows of brass rings.

Etched stainless steel | Eastern style finger gauntlets

Etching is deep and looks great. You can check our etched armour test video to make sure how well etched steel holds tournament sword hit

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