News - Halloween edition: dramatic black cloak and witch dress

November 01, 2015

Halloween cloak and witch dress

You know, running ArmStreet is our way of getting money for doing what we love instead of doing something serious, and Halloween is another great chance to get some fun instead of doing some work.

We also hope that despite all serious things you have to do these days you'll find some time to celebrate the Senseless day of Halloween with us. Also, it's a good chance to get one or two new things for your fantasy or medieval wardrobe, like, for example, this cool, dramatic and mysterious black cloak. It is definitely one of the most important things you need, I'd say it's a basic part of any epic hero wardrobe. We are of the opinion that it's more important than jeans and almost as much important as a towel.

Hooded Black Cloak

This cloak is warm, perfectly black and has some one-of-a-kind product signs like deep and elegantly draped hood and deckle bottom to provide even more dramatic effect.

Also, if you are a lady (sorry, guys, but statistics says that women are twice more likely to buy a new piece of clothing than you) you'll probably need a new dress. Dress is even more important than cloak (especially if you already bought our cloak few minutes ago) and this dress is perfect for witches, princesses kidnapped by witches and poor cousins of those princesses kidnapped by witches. Again, almost as important as a towel.

Halloween Witch Dress

This dress is made of linen (read why linen is that cool) with sleeves made of linen (another sort of linen) and patches are (what a surprise!) made of three different types of linen. It's linen all around but we can't help ourselves, we just love it.

Enjoy these costumes, take a closer look at all our Halloween-ish pieces in one place and don't hesitate to buy from us – this way you support creative and fun people, no doubt.

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